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Jane Blohm

Jane Blohm

Senior Lecturer


My teaching experience spans 30 years in both Further and Higher Education. My career also encompasses professional and industrial experience as designer, consultant and stylist. My teaching blends current pedagogical approaches with professional insight to provide a learning experience that promotes the application of creativity and innovation in a real-world context. 

Currently, my interests are twofold. Creatively, I am interested in understanding the codes and conditions that inform the notion of identity and individuality. Practically and commercially, I am interested exploring the opportunities and potential for small-scale UK design/manufacture businesses operating in a global marketplace.


My teaching practice focuses on enabling students to discover and develop an independent voice and position in the fashion arena, and become critically aware, mindful practitioners. I pursue this through the continuous exploration and development of a student-centred pedagogical approach that encourages students toward autonomous learning and practice. Crucially, whilst drawing on current academic thinking my approach is also informed by the demands and expectations of the wider industry and profession – insights that are gleaned from a direct engagement with designers, practitioners and industry bodies at the forefront of industry disciplines. 

My past students have gone on to become designers/head designers for many respected international brands such as Burberry, Replay, Abercrombie & Fitch, Pringle and Jigsaw, as well as becoming renowned designers and illustrators in their own right. 

I have run my own design practice and worked as a designer and freelance stylist. As a stylist I have worked with many leading brand consultancies, independent photographers and publishers, including; EMAP, Hearst, John Brown Publishing and the Observer Magazine. 

As both fashion educator and stylist, I am interested in the dynamics that underpin identity, inform contemporary culture, and enable the individual to influence and create context through self-expression. It is here where clothing transcends practical utilitarian function and commercial commodity to become fashion, and where fashion becomes art. 

Currently my research interests lie in wanting to explore and understand the resurgence of, and demand for British artisan fashion and clothing products; the conditions that led to this resurgence; the skills and crafts required for production; the viability and sustainability of these new business models; and how these businesses will address the market challenges of an increasingly globalised and cost sensitive fashion industry.


Subject area

Fashion Management and Communication
Jewellery and Metalwork


Fashion Design


Sustainable Marriage

A student-centred, interdisciplinary project exploring the relationships and collaborative possibilities between art, design and science. The project saw BA Level 4 Fashion Design and final year MSc Advanced Engineering students working together to understand and exploit the properties of PolyVinyl Alcohol - an innovative biodegradable and dissolvable material with zero environmental impact.

  • Exhibited in Sheffield Institute of Arts in 2010 and the Home Office during Climate Week in 2011 Climate Week 2011, Home Office request to use the exhibition as part of their bid to raise
  • Achieved national and international press coverage
  • Published in Dorian Lucas, Green Design, (Braun 2011)

Other activities

External Examiner: Bishop Burton/Hull University, FdA Fashion and Clothing Design and BA Fashion Design and Manufacture Top Up.

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