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Steve Bullough

Steve Bullough BSc (Hons), MSc, PGCTHE, FHEA

Senior Research Fellow


I am a Senior Research Fellow within the Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC). My research focuses broadly on the economics of sport and physical activity. My research interests are in elite football, Test Match Cricket and sport participation.


I joined SIRC in 2003 and I have been involved in a wide range of research projects across SIRC's core work strands. I predominantly work for organisations such as Sport England, UK Sport and the Youth Sport Trust and I frequently work with National Governing Bodies, at major events and with local authorities.

My work involves evaluating national programmes, in particular the School Games Mark award, elite sport (Sport Policy Factors Leading to International Sporting Success, SPLISS), and evaluating major events in terms of their economic impact.

My research interests in terms of publications have focused on sports participation, elite football and elite cricket, and I also peer review research papers for a range of international journals.

Sport economics, football research, monitoring and evaluation, survey design.


I regularly teach on the undergraduate research methods module and supervise final year student projects.


My research has focused on the following areas.

  • Player development and opportunity in elite football
  • Professional cricket
  • Sport Participation


Journal articles

Bullough, S., Edmondson, L., & Millar, R. (2023). Piloting the use of Football Club Community Trust's to create social Hubs for older adults. Public Health in Practice, 5.

Balassiano, V., & Bullough, S. (2021). Measures of Academy Productivity in English Championship clubs. Team Performance Management.

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Moore, R., Ramchandani, G., Bullough, S., Goldsmith, S., & Edmondson, L. (2018). The world at their feet: a combined historical ranking of nations competing in football and futsal. American Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 6 (2), 49-59.

Bullough, S., & Jordan, J. (2017). Youth academy player development in English football : the impact of regulation since 2006. Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, 7 (4), 375-392.

Griffiths, K., Bullough, S., Shibli, S., & Wilson, J. (2017). The impact of engagement in sport on graduate employability: implications for higher education policy and practice. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, 9 (3), 431-451.

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Bullough, S., Moore, R., Goldsmith, S., & Edmondson, L. (2016). Player migration and opportunity: examining the efficacy of the UEFA home-grown rule in six European football leagues. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 11 (5), 662-672.

Bullough, S., Davies, L., & Barrett, D. (2015). The impact of a community free swimming programme for young people (under 19) in England. Sport Management Review, 18 (1), 32-44.

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Bullough, S., Millar, R., Ramchandani, G., & Coleman, R. (2014). The effect of central contracts on the stability and performance of the England Test cricket team. [El efecto de contratos centrales sobre la estabilidad y el desempeño del equipo inglés de Test cricket]. RICYDE. Revista internacional de ciencias del deporte, 10 (35), 4-15.

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Bullough, S., Moriarty, C., Wilson, J., & Panagouleas, T. (2010). The nature of latent demand compared to expressed demand using active people 2. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, 4 (1), 39-54.

Conference papers

Coleman, R., & Bullough, S. (2017). Sport Tourism Impact of the Open Golf Championship (2010-2016). NASSM 2017 abstracts book, 86-87.

Book chapters

Bullough, S., Hart, G., Moore, R., & Bonner, S. (2012). The role of alternative physical activities in engaging young people. In Harris, S., Bell, B., Adams, A., & Mackintosh, C. (Eds.) Sport for sport? Theoretical and practical insights in sports development. (pp. 47-74). Leisure Studies Association:

Bullough, S., Hart, G., & Gregory, M. (2011). Demand for sport : what young people want. In Jeanes, R., & Magee, J. (Eds.) Children, Youth and Leisure. (pp. 55-80). Leisure Studies Association:


Bullough, S., Edmondson, L., Millar, R., & Gregory, M. (2020). Every Player Counts evaluation.

Coleman, R., & Bullough, S. (2019). Sport Policy Factors Leading to International Sporting Success (SPLISS) in Northern Ireland 2018.

Gregory, M., & Bullough, S. (2016). Living Streets 'Walk To' evaluation.

Hart, G., Shibli, S., Bullough, S., & Barrett, D. (2015). School Games Mark Validation : Final Report : Year 3 (2013-14). Sheffield Hallam University.

Shibli, S., Coleman, R., & Bullough, S. (2012). Sport Policy Factors Leading to International Sporting Success - An audit of the elite sport development system in Northern Ireland in 2010. Sport Northern Ireland, DCAL, NI Executive.

Shibli, S., Bullough, S., Coleman, R., Gregory, M., Hart, G., & Ramchandani, G. (2009). Everyday Swim (2006-2009) Final Report. Amateur Swimming Association.

Shibli, S., Coleman, R., Ramchandani, G., & Bullough, S. (2008). UK Sport Survey of World Class Athletes 2007. UK Sport.

Theses / Dissertations

Bullough, S. (2022). Evaluating the efficacy of UEFA’s home-grown rule in European football. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Davies, L.

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