Eleanor Byrne

Eleanor Byrne MA, BA (Hons)

Senior Research Fellow


Senior Research Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University's Centre for Science Education


Project manager for Global Science Explorers, the Astra Zeneca Science Teaching Trust funded project working with teachers and pupils to explore exciting Environmental Science activities and investigations; Triple Crossed, the second phase of the original Double Crossed Project. Cross-curricular teacher resource development project using science, history and citizenship; and Student Associates Scheme, the TDA funded school placement scheme for undergraduates interested in a future career in teaching (2008–2011)

Teacher-led continuing professional development (CPD)
Cross-curricular learning, particularly the use of history and historical methodology in school science
Confidence and understanding - the role of the primary school science coordinator
Undergraduates' perceptions of teaching
Environmental science in the school classroom
Research evaluation


College of Social Sciences and Arts

Science for All
Engineering Science
Member of the Women in SET team


Journal articles

Bevins, S., Byrne, E., Brodie, M., & Price, G. (2011). English Secondary school students' perceptions of school science and science and engineering. Science Education International, 22 (4), 255-265. http://www.icaseonline.net/

Book chapters

Booth, J., & Byrne, E. (2019). Science education funding in Europe and the inspiration for Chain Reaction. In Bevins, S., Lehane, L., & Booth, J. (Eds.) Comparative perspectives on inquiry-based science education. (pp. 12-32). ICI Global: http://doi.org/10.4018/978-1-5225-5439-4.ch002


Byrne, E., & Brodie, M. (2011). Cross curricular teaching and learning in the secondary school : science. Routledge.


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Internet Publications

Byrne, E., Demissie, F., Parkin, R., & Pearse, S. (2023). Transformative impact: parental perceptions of early access to nursery provision. [Internet article]. https://www.savethechildren.org.uk/what-we-do/child-poverty/uk-child-poverty/england/sheffield-early-learning-community

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