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Christina Beatty 28392

Christina Beatty BSc (Hons), MPhil

Professor of Applied Economic Geography

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    Christina is a Professor of Applied Economic Geography in CRESR where she leads the centre's Data Analysis and Policy Team.  She has over 25 years' of experience in undertaking applied policy and evidence based research.  During that time she has managed many national research and evaluation projects utilising large scale data intensive and mixed method approaches to understand the spatial impacts of policy initiatives.  She is especially interested in the intersection of welfare reform, labour market policy, housing policy and regeneration policy, and how this relates to the underpinning regional and local economic geography of Britain.  Her work often highlights the uneven impact of policy decisions and how this can result in unintended consequences in different types of places across Britain.

    Since joining CRESR in 1992, Christina has built a substantial body of work investigating the dynamics of labour market participation, economic inactivity and unemployment.   Her work highlights the long-term trends in incapacity benefits, claimants' aspirations and barriers to work, and how this relates to older industrial Britain.  She has developed techniques to estimate the extent of hidden unemployment amongst the workforce and the successful application of labour market accounting techniques utilising small area data.  She has secured ESRC funding to apply these methods in relation to the British Coalfields, Britain's seaside towns, and male and female incapacity benefits claimants.

    In recent years, her work has focused on estimating the cumulative impact, as well as individual elements, of welfare reform and its uneven impact on people and places.  As well as many local studies, she has undertaken national studies funded by Scottish Parliament, the Financial Times, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Oxfam.  Christina also led the quantitative strand of research on the three year evaluation of The Impact of the Changes to the Local Housing Allowance System of Housing Benefit for DWP.  She previously led the data strand of the ten year evaluation of New Deal for Communities for CLG. 

    Research interests

    • economic geography
    • labour market analysis
    • the geography and nature of hidden unemployment
    • the uneven impacts of welfare reform
    • incapacity benefits
    • the design and analysis of surveys
    • creating bespoke geographies
    • analysis of large scale secondary and administrative datasets
    • small area estimation techniques
  • Research

    • Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Institute for Policy Studies

    2017-2018 The Contemporary Labour Market in Older Industrial Britain, HEIF/JRF.

    2016 Profiling barriers to work for Work Programme cohorts, Working Links.

    2016 The Impact on Scotland of the New Welfare Reforms, Scottish Parliament.

    2015-16 The Uneven Impact of Welfare Reform, Oxfam / JRF / Sheffield Hallam.

    2015 The Impact of Welfare Reform on the Scottish Labour Market, Scottish Parliament.

    2015 Working Links Diagnostic Tool: An assessment, Working Links.

    2014-2015 A framework of indicators for measuring inclusive growth, JRF.

    2014-2015 HEIF Public Engagement in the Social Sciences and Humanities, Sheffield Hallam University.

    2014-2015 The Cumulative Impact of Welfare Reform in Scotland, Scottish Parliament.

    2014-2015 Hungry Children and Young People in North Nottinghamshire, Nottinghamshire County Council.

    2014 Benefit Sanctions and Homelessness, Crisis.

    2014 The Impact of Welfare Reform on Sheffield, Sheffield City Council.

    2014 Seaside Towns in the Age of Austerity, British Destinations/Welsh Government/BACTA.

    2014 The Local Impact of Welfare Reform in Wales, Industrial Communities Alliance for Wales.

    2014 The Local Impact of Welfare Reform in Scotland, Scottish Parliament.

    2013 The Impact of Welfare Reform in Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action.

    2013 The Local and Regional Impact of Welfare Reform, Financial Times, Scottish Parliament and Sheffield Hallam University.

    2013 The Impact of Welfare Reform in Hampshire, Bill Sargent Trust.

    2013 Addressing the Needs of Incapacity Claimants, Imagine Resilience, Sheffield Hallam University.

    2011-2013 Monitoring the impact of the changes to the Local Housing Allowance system of Housing Benefit in Great Britain, DWP, CLG, The Scottish Government, Welsh Government.

    2011-2013 Monitoring the impact of the changes to the Local Housing Allowance system of Housing Benefit in Northern Ireland, Department for Social Development.


    • Bill Sargent Trust
    • Blackpool Council
    • Department for Communities and Local Government
    • Department for Work and Pensions
    • East Lindsey District Council
    • Economic and Social Research Council
    • Financial Times
    • Office for the Deputy Prime Minister
  • Publications

  • Other activities

    Editorial Advisory Board, Social Policy and Administration

    Valuation Office Agency Expert Panel for Private Market Rental Statistics

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