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Dr Chris Bailey BA (Hons), PGCE, MA, PhD

Lecturer in Education Studies


Chris is a Lecturer in Education, based in the Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion. He teaches primarily on the Education Studies degree, on a range of undergraduate modules. He draws on a background in Primary Teaching and Educational Research.


Chris' research converges around a focus on people’s experience of place and space. This includes exploration of play, literacies, community and culture; physical, virtual and hybrid space; lived and affective experience. 

He is also interested in multimodal literacies and meaning making practices and has employed various visual and aural modes in his own academic work. This is exemplified by recent work that uses comic strips, illustration and a focus on soundscapes as a means of exploring theory and representing the complexity of the social world.


Subject area



Education Studies


Educational Identities
Language and Learning
Embodying Education: Experiencing Space
Integrating Education
Research Project


PhD Thesis: 'Exploring the lived experience of an after school Minecraft Club'
This work provides an ethnographic study of a group of children creating a ‘virtual community’ using the video game Minecraft, during an after-school club. It illuminates the emergent dimension of play that occurs through collaborative engagement, in and around a virtual world.

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Journal articles

Hannam-Swain, S., & Bailey, C.J. (2021). Considering Covid-19: Autoethnographic reflections on working practices in a time of crisis by two disabled UK academics. Social Sciences & Humanities Open, 4 (1), 100145.

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Conference papers

Passarelli, M., Dagnino, F.M., Earp, J., Manganello, F., Persico, D., Pozzi, F., ... Haggis, M. (2019). Educational games as a motivational tool: Considerations on their potential and limitations. In Lane, H., Zvacek, S., & Uhomoibhi, J. (Eds.) CSEDU 2019 - Proceedings of the 11th international conference on computer supported education, (pp. 330-337). Scitepress:

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Book chapters

Bailey, C.J., Burnett, C., & Merchant, G. (2017). Assembling literacies in virtual play. In Mills, K., Stornaiuolio, A., Smith, A., & Zacher Pandya, J. (Eds.) Handbook of Writing, Literacies and Education in Digital Cultures. London: Routledge

Burnett, C., & Bailey, C.J. (2014). Conceptualizing collaborations in hybrid sites : playing Minecraft together and apart in a primary classroom. In Burnett, C., Davies, J., Merchant, G., & Rowsell, J. (Eds.) New literacies around the Globe : policy and pedagogy. (pp. 50-71). New York: Routledge


Burnett, C., Davies, J., Merchant, G., & Rowsell, J. (Eds.). (2014). New literacies around the Globe : policy and pedagogy. New York: Routledge.


Burnett, C., Daniels, K., & Bailey, C. (2014). The Impact of Early Years Bookgifting Programmes on Literacy Attainment: A Literature Review.

Theses / Dissertations

Bailey, C.J. (2017). Investigating the lived experience of an after-school Minecraft club. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Burnett, C., & Merchant, G.


Daniels, K., Bailey, C., Merchant, G., & Burnett, C. (2018). Playful Literacies in Contemporary Places: Movement and meaning in early literacy classrooms (Symposium). Presented at: ESRC Festival of Social Science, Sheffield Hallam University

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