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Laurie Hirsch

Laurie Hirsch

Senior Lecturer in Computing


I am a senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University in the department of computing.

  • About

    My research falls into two main areas. The first concerns the application of evolutionary algorithms to text classification. In recent years we have evolved accurate and human readable Apache Lucene search queries to solve problems in text classification. The most successful system is also the simplest and uses a genetic algorithm to generate SpanFirst queries. More complex systems using genetic programming and a range of query operators such as AND, NOT and SpanNear have also been created. The second area involves the automatic generation of a graph from unstructured online text. The graph is based on word co-occurrence and word frequency and can be used as a summary of large and small documents or document collections. You can test a slightly limited version for yourself here.

    I am currently working in the area of opinion mining and sentiment analysis.

    I am course leader for the MSc Web and Cloud Computing. I also teach in the area of web application development (most recently with a focus on Groovy and Grails) and intelligent web applications with a particular focus on collective intelligence.

  • Teaching

    Department of Computing

    Science, Technology and Arts

  • Research

    • Communication and Computing Research Centre
    • Cultural Communication and Computing Research Institute
  • Publications

  • Postgraduate supervision

    Maasoumi Sarvestani, Mohammad: 'A Comparative Study of E-Learning for programming in the UK and Iran' (Second Supervisor)

    Attard, Kenneth: 'Increasing Efficiency in Cloud Computing from the User Perspective by Adaptive Profiling' (Second Supervisor)

    Gopolang, Bontle: 'Using technology to improve sexual and reproductive health education in secondary schools in Botswana' (Second Supervisor)

    Robert Wilson, Berlin: 'A Decision Support System for Cloud Migration for SMEs in South India' (Second Supervisor)

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