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Jackie Hammerton

Dr Jackie Hammerton

Principal Lecturer


I have been teaching Physiotherapy at Sheffield Hallam University since 2002 and qualified as a Physiotherapist in London in 1984. Alongside my teaching I continue to maintain a small clinical caseload.

My area of practice is neurological rehabilitation and I have worked in both primary and secondary care, moving from London to Sheffield in 1986. I teach to both undergraduates and postgraduates, and also participate in undergraduate inter-professional learning.

In 2004 I completed my PhD from Sheffield University, " Investigating the influence of age on recovery from stroke". This has supported much of my teaching, particularly research skills to undergraduates and post graduates, and supervising student dissertations.

I completed a 4 year EPSRC funded research project in 20O7, looking at the use of technology for upper limb rehabilitation following stroke. Findings from the study were presented at the World Neurological Rehabilitation conference in Hong Kong and also the European Stroke Forum in Belgium. I have also had a number of publications on this topic. My current research interests continue the theme of technology and are around the use of exo-skeletons in Spinal Injury rehab.

I have been the Professional Lead for Physiotherapy since November 2012

Neurological Rehabilitation
Technology in rehabilitation
Stroke Upper Limb rehabilitation


College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences


BSc (hons) Physiotherapy

MSc Advancing Physiotherapy


Investigating the perceptions and experiences of staff and patients of an exo-skeleton service for acute SCI rehabilitation

2005 - SMART PROJECT - Developing a telemonitoring system for stroke rehabilitation.


Journal articles

Parker, J., Mountain, G., & Hammerton, J. (2011). A review of the evidence underpinning the use of visual and auditory feedback for computer technology in post-stroke upper-limb rehabilitation. Disability and rehabilitation. Assistive technology, 6 (6), 465-472.

Mountain, G., Wilson, S., Eccleston, C., Mawson, S., Hammerton, J., Ware, T., ... Hu, H. (2010). Developing and testing a telerehabilitation system for people following stroke: issues of usability. Journal of Engineering Design, 21 (2), 223-236.

Zhou, H., Hu, H., Harris, N.D., & Hammerton, J. (2006). Applications of wearable inertial sensors in estimation of upper limb movements. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 1 (1), 22-32.

Zheng, H., Davies, R., Zhou, H., Hammerton, J., Mawson, S.J., Ware, P.M., ... Harris, N.D. (2006). SMART project: Application of emerging information and communication technology to home-based rehabilitation for stroke patients. International Journal on Disability and Human Development, 5 (3).

Conference papers

Parker, J., Mountain, G.A., & Hammerton, J. (2010). An Investigation into Stroke Patients’ Utilisation of Feedback from Computer-based Technology. In Designing Inclusive Interactions, (pp. 167-176). Springer London:

Ware, P.M., Hammerton, J., Mawson, S.J., Mountain, G.A., Zheng, H., Davies, R., ... Zhou, H. (2008). Smart: Developing information and communication technology for self management of stroke and chronic conditions at home. 21st International Symposium on Human Factors in Telecommunication, HFT 2008, 231-238.

Zheng, H., Davies, R., Stone, T., Wilson, S., Hammerton, J., Mawson, S.J., ... Mountain, G.A. (2007). SMART Rehabilitation: Implementation of ICT Platform to Support Home-Based Stroke Rehabilitation. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, (pp. 831-840). Springer Berlin Heidelberg:

Wilson, S., Davies, R., Stone, T., Hammerton, J., Ware, P., Mawson, S., ... Mountain, G. (2007). Developing a telemonitoring system for stroke rehabilitation. Contemporary Ergonomics 2007, 505-510.

Mountain, G.A., Ware, P.M., Hammerton, J., Mawson, S.J., Zheng, H., Davies, R., ... Eccleston, C. The SMART Project: A User Led Approach to Developing Applications for Domiciliary Stroke Rehabilitation. In Designing Accessible Technology, (pp. 135-144). Springer-Verlag:

Theses / Dissertations

Parker, J. (2012). Stroke patients' utilisation of extrinsic feedback from computer-based technology in the home. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Hammerton, J., Mountain, G., Heller, B., & Mawson, S.

Postgraduate supervision

Sarah Crowther : Investigating curriculum development in Physiotherapy
Shikha Chabra - Investigating the role of isometric exercise in Upper Limb stroke rehabilitation
Rachel Young - investigating isometric exercise in moderate to severe MS patients

Jack Parker - Stroke Patients Utilisation of extrinsic feedback from computer-based technology in the home

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