Dr Wei Deng

Dr Wei Deng

Research Fellow


Dr. Wei Deng joined Dr Paul Bingham’s research group in Sheffield Hallam University in 2016. Wei's research focuses on the energy and CO2 reduction in the glass industry. Currently, Wei is also working in Sheffield Innovation Programme (SIP) to support reginal business growth. He engaged and cooperated with different companies including but not limited to: Glass Technology Service (GTS), VitriTech, Ardagh, Refmet, Kansa, Chase Research Cryogenics and Wright Engineering. etc.

Wei has a lot of experience working closely with the glass industry. He has great interested in silicate glass, glass-ceramics science and engineering.


During his studies in Wuhan University of Technology in China, Dr Deng worked in a local government research institute. He worked closely with SMEs and devoted himself to solve practical problems in the glass industry.
Wei has been awarded several research funds, both from government and industry in China, where he got an extensive research and experience in glass science and industry. With support of his PhD advisor, Wei proposed an Investigation and Development Report for his local government. His report contributed for the establishment of the Shahe Glass Research Institute.
Between 2013 and 2015, Dr Deng continued his post-doctoral research in High Level Waste (HLW) glass surface aqueous corrosion in Alfred University, USA. His research was funded by the Department of Energy (DOE). Wei obtained the permission to use the Brookhaven National Laboratory-National Synchrotron Light Source, which he used to carry out his HLW glass research on.

In 2016, Wei joined Dr Paul Bingham’s research group in Sheffield Hallam University and successfully finished the project of “Briquetting of recycled glass fines for energy and CO2 reduction in the glass industry” in 2017, which funded by Innovate UK (63406-429275) and EPSRC (EP/P510725/1).

Dr Deng's current research with the Materials and Engineering Research Institute focuses on the energy and CO2 reduction in the glass industry and he is also working in Sheffield Innovation Programme (SIP) to support reginal business growth.

Specialist areas of interest:
• Silicate Glass and glass-ceramics
• The Energy-saving & Emission Reduction in glass industry.
• Glass Composition modification/optimization for different purposes.
• Glass structure topics such as liquid phase separation, crystallization, relaxation, transition etc., and its relationship with properties.
• Glass surface corrosion and surface morphology characterization.


Current Projects:
2016-2017: Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK)
Title: Briquetting of recycled glass fines for energy and CO2 reduction in the glass industry
• This research is proposing a feasibility study for a novel briquetting process that will turn rejected cullet (glass fines) waste into valuable material that can be re-used in glass manufacture.
• The proposed technology has potential to a. reduce the glass industry’s CO2 emissions; b. Secure the long-term UK & global supply of cullet; and c. reduce the industry’s energy cost.
• Funded by Innovate UK and in collaboration with Wright Eng. & Ardagh Group.

Selected Projects:
2013-2015: Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Alfred University, NY, USA)
Title: Surface Layer-Bulk Glass Interface Evolution with Aqueous Corrosion (funded by DOE (Department Of Energy) and was collaborative effort with Brookhaven National Lab.)
• The purpose of this research is to determine glass surfaces during aqueous corrosion. Through advance surface analysis methods (XRR GISAXS GIXRD AFM & XPS etc.) the resulting gel surface from aqueous corrosion of the glass surface was characterized.
• Investigation of surface layer structure and morphology on and in the glass surface after aqueous corrosion using XRR. Both lab and cyclotron sources were used for XRR. AFM & XPS also used.
• Phase separation research and characterization in HLW glass by SEM/EDS & HTXRD in collaboration with Corning Ltd.

2011-2012: Project leader (PHD Candidate, WHUT, CHINA)
Title: Field trips and composed the Glass Industry Investigation and Development Report for Shahe City in 2011
• Investigate and finish the report.
• Supported by Shahe City Government, Hebei province, China.

2010-2011: Project leader (PHD Candidate, WHUT, CHINA)
Exploratory study of float glass batch pre-sintering technology. (Grant from Fundamental Research Funds for Central Universities, Ministry of Science and Technology of P. R. China.; No.: 2010-ZY-CL-006)
• Responsibilities: Applying for the grant; selecting the team members; project planning; supervising the whole experiment; finishing the report and publishing the achievement.

2009-2010: Project member (PHD Candidate, WHUT, CHINA)
Research on Secondary Phase Separation in the Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2 Glass Ceramic System. (Grant from The National Natural Science Funds, program No.: 50802065)
• Responsible for materials preparation and test.

2007-2009: Project member (MSE Candidate, WHUT, CHINA)

• Chemical composition improvement of architectural canasite based glass-ceramics.
• Composition and product technology development of fluoride-free opaque glasses.
• A lead-free glass composition with high refractive index.
• Responsibilities: Constructing experimental plan; supervising the whole progress of the experiment; developing lines of communication with manufactures.


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Other activities

Review Experience:
- Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids;
- Journal of Rare Earths;
- Journal of Wuhan University of Technology (materials science);
- Turkish Journal of Physics.

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