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Adele Doran

Dr Adele Doran MSc, PGCE PCET, BA (Hons)

Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management


I am a Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management. My research focuses on outdoor recreation and adventure tourism, including the experiences of outdoor adventure participants, gendered experiences, adventure media, and employment and governance of the sector.


My academic background lies in tourism and recreation studies I have taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels on tourism, recreation, and management modules. My research focuses on the experiences of adventure tourists and adventure recreationalists, particularly in relation to gender. Projects include an investigation of women’s barriers to climbing and mountaineering and the benefits they gain from participation; women’s representation in adventure media and women’s user-generated content of their adventurous experiences; the impact of adventure activities on women’s wellbeing; and women’s entrepreneurship in the outdoor sector. Additional projects include the supply and demand for charity challenge events and precarious employment in the outdoor sector. I employ a range of methodologies, including survey research, interviews, focus groups, ethnography, social media research and systematic literature reviews.

I was previously a snowboard instructor in America, and I am an enthusiast of the outdoors, which has inspired my research. I am a committee member of the Adventure Tourism Research Association, an organisation that seeks to bring together academics, adventure professionals and commercial operators. I am also a committee member of the Outdoor Recreation Research Group, which is a group of Sheffield Hallam University researchers with expertise in diverse areas of the outdoor recreation sector. Recently we worked with Sheffield City Council on a project to develop adventure-based city breaks designed to attract international sports enthusiasts. The project was awarded by VisitBritain and their Discover England fund. I am also a member of the British Mountaineering Council’s Equity Steering Group and I lead the Gender Equity sub-group.

Research interests

  • Adventure tourism
  • Outdoor adventure recreation
  • The role of gender in the outdoors
  • Adventure media and marketing
  • Employment within the outdoor adventure sector and broader tourism industry
  • Sustainable adventure tourism
  • Equality, diversity, and inclusivity in the outdoors

If you are an organisation, academic or student interested in these areas or other aspects of outdoor recreation and tourism, please get in touch. I am happy to discuss any ideas you have.

Teaching expertise

  • Modules include Adventure Tourism, Marketing and Tourism Consultancy
  • 2018: University Inspirational Teaching Award

Industry links

  • Outdoor Recreation Research Group:
  • Adventure Tourism Research Association:

Department of Service Sector Management

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Subject Area

Tourism and Hospitality Management.


  • BSc (Hons) International Tourism Management
  • BSc (Hons) International Tourism (Adventure Tourism)
  • BSc (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Business Management
  • BSc (Hons) Airline and Airport Management
  • MSc International Tourism Management
  • MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • MSc International Tourism and Aviation Management


  • Consumer Behaviour in Tourism
  • International Adventure Tourism
  • Tourism Consultancy Experience
  • Research Project/Dissertation
  • Research Methods
  • Tourism and Aviation Operations
  • Digital Tourism Marketing


- An examination of the relationship between adventure sports participation and women's wellbeing.
- Conceptualising charity challenge tourism and developing a tourist typology.
- Investigating precarious employment within the outdoor recreation/adventure tourism sector.
- An assessment of sensory ethnography as a method of data collection and analysis.
- An examination of embodiment in women's adventure entrepreneurship.

Featured Projects

2019: A growth strategy for the Outdoor Recreation Research Group, Sheffield Hallam University Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan (CKIP) Strategic Investment Fund.

Relevant Projects

  • 2015: Fellow - Higher Education Academy, Higher Education Academy (HEA), United Kingdom
  • 2018: University Inspirational Teaching Award
  • 2020-2021: Examining the charity challenge tourism sector, an educational research project funded by Sheffield Hallam University's Enhancement of Teaching, Learning and Student Experience and the Department of Service Sector Management's Fieldwork Funding.

Collaborators and Sponsors

2017-2020: Develop adrenaline-fuelled city breaks designed to attract international sports enthusiasts, VisitBritain and Sheffield City Council, United Kingdom.


Key Publications

Doran, A., Pomfret, G., & Adu-Ampong, E. (2022). MIND THE GAP: a systematic review of the knowledge contribution claims in adventure tourism research. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 51, 238-251.

Journal articles

Low, T., Maggie, M., Doran, A., & Hardwick, L. (2020). Women’s outdoor adventure experiences on Instagram: Exploring user-generated content. Annals of leisure research.

Doran, A., Schofield, P., & Low, T. (2020). Women's mountaineering: accessing participation benefits through constraint negotiation strategies. Leisure Studies.

Doran, A., & Pomfret, G. (2019). Exploring efficacy in personal constraint negotiation: an ethnography of mountaineering tourists. Tourist studies.

Doran, A., Schofield, P., & Low, T. (2018). Women's mountaineering tourism: an empirical investigation of its theoretical constraint dimensions. Leisure Studies, 37 (4), 396-410.

Doran, A. (2016). Empowerment and women in adventure tourism : a negotiated journey. Journal of Sport and Tourism, 20 (1), 57-80.

Book chapters

Doran, A., & Schofield, P. (2022). Tourism and the Seasons. In P. Goulding (Ed), Tourism: a Temporal Analysis. Goodfellow Publications

Doran, A., & Kim, S. (2022). Nature and Time. In In P. Goulding (Ed), Tourism: a Temporal Analysis. Goodfellow Publications

Schofield, P., Doran, A., & Nolan, R. (2017). Assessing the walkability of urban public space with GIS technology: The hidden dimensions of security and community heritage. In The Routledge international handbook of walking. (pp. 369-378). Abingdon, Oxford: Routledge:

Pomfret, G., & Doran, A. (2015). Gender and mountaineering tourism. In Musa, G., Thompson-Carr, A., & Higham, J. (Eds.) Mountaineering Tourism. (pp. 138-155). Routledge:


Doran, A., Schofield, P., Richards, K., Brett, C., & Wingfield, H. (2022). The Outjoyment Report: A research report on the well-being and mental health benefits of camping.

Doran, A., Schofield, P., Richards, K., Brett, C., & Wingfield, H. (2022). The Outjoyment Report: A research report on the well-being and mental health benefits of camping. IMPACT REPORT.

Doran, A., & Hall, J. (2020). Researching Women in Mountaineering, UK. Unpublished.

Gregory, M., Pomfret, G., & Doran, A. (2020). The Outdoor City Adventure Breaks - Evaluation Report.

Theses / Dissertations

Doran, A. (2019). Women's mountaineering tourism experiences: The constraint negotiation process and benefits of participation. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Pomfret, G.


Pomfret, G., & Doran, A. (2014). The role of gender in mountaineering tourism. Presented at: Adventure Tourism Research Association Seminar, Sheffield Hallam University

Postgraduate supervision

Harriet Wingfield (PhD): An investigation of the relationship between cycling tourists and wellbeing

Emily Pitts (PhD): Social capital and career progression in mountain leadership

James Westgarth (DBA): Heuristics and biases: A predictive framework for business travel managers

Nafisa Suliman (DBA): Impact of value chain governance of a tourism cluster on its stakeholders: a case study from Oman

If you are interested in undertaking a doctorate in any aspect of outdoor recreation/adventure tourism, for example, participants, media and marketing, sustainability, employment, and adventure management and operations, please get in touch. I am happy to discuss any ideas you have.

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