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Dr Maria Luisa Davila Garcia PhD, MSc AI, BSc

Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence


Dr. Maria Luisa Davila Garcia has experience working in collaboration with the healthcare sector for nearly 7 years, developing and integrating solutions based on AI. She has expertise in applied AI techniques for medical images, signal analysis, data analysis, pattern recognition, data modelling, data fusion, and image processing.


Dr. Maria Luisa Davila Garcia has worked on the analysis of in-vitro live-cell video sequences, using image processing techniques combined with machine learning algorithms in collaboration with the Academic Unit of Reproductive and Developmental Medicine within the Department of Oncology and Metabolism and the Andrology department for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS.

She was involved in the development and implementation of deep learning and transfer learning pipelines to analyse swollen optic nerves, supporting early diagnosis of papilloedema and diabetic retinopathy. The project was a collaboration with the ophthalmologist department supported by Innovate UK. She has been working with applications of image processing techniques for automatic feature extraction of bone area in radiography’s images supporting detection of Skeletal dysplasia condition in children, in collaboration with Paediatric Radiologic from Sheffield Children Hospital/ Medical Research Council MRC.

Collaboration ideas:

  • Development of AI solutions to personalised healthcare
  • Integration of AI approaches for monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment of health conditions
  • Qualitative analysis of health data for knowledge extraction
  • Tackling Health Inequalities with AI
  • Applied Artificial intelligence in image analysis


Department of Computing

Subject Area/Group

Games and AI

Courses Taught

MSc Artificial Intelligence

Modules Taught

  • Cognitive Systems and Robotics
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • AI Research and Development Projects

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