Luke Desforges

Dr Luke Desforges PhD, FHEA

Academic Director


I am the Academic Director for Sheffield Hallam University in London, leading on the strategy and development of the academic offer at our London campus, which will encompass undergraduate, postgraduate, apprenticeship and professional development courses. The role also involves designing the academic delivery model, from the academic calendar to the student timetable, the staffing for teaching on the new campus, and the design of our teaching spaces. I joined Sheffield Hallam in 2012 and my roles have included Head of the Department of the Natural and Built Environment and, most recently, Associate Dean for Business and Enterprise in the College of Social Sciences and Arts. I started my career in Higher Education as a lecturer in the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences at Aberystwyth University, and have also previously worked at the University of Sheffield.


Luke contributes to teaching in Geography to Undergraduate students, including dissertation supervision and Academic Advising.


Luke’s academic background is in Geography. He has published research on the relationship between UK society and culture in terms of its impacts upon developing world countries. His research includes projects on the tourist cultures of long haul travel to Peru, the representation of global mobility at Ellis Island Museum of Migration in New York City, and the changing organisational reach of development charities in the UK. His research methods include qualitative data, ethnography and historical archive research. 

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