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Konstantinos Domdouzis

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Key Publications

Boisvert, C., Domdouzis, K., & License, J. (2018). A comparative analysis of student SQL and relational database knowledge using automated grading tools. Simposio Internacional de Informática Educativa (SIIE) 2018.

Domdouzis, K. (2018). Artificial intelligence-based service-oriented architectures (SOAs) for crisis management. In Habib, M. (Ed.) Handbook of research on investigations in artificial life research and development. IGI Global:

Domdouzis, K., Akhgar, B., Andrews, S., & Day, T. (2017). Identification of Critical Factors in Large Crisis Decision Making Processes using Computational Tools: The case of ATHENA. International Journal of Strategic Information Technology and Applications (IJSITA), 8 (2).

Andrews, S., Day, T., Domdouzis, K., Hirsch, L., Lefticaru, R.-.E., & Orphanides, C. (2017). Analyzing crowd-sourced information and social media for crisis management. In Akhgar, B., Staniforth, A., & Waddington, D. (Eds.) Application of social media in crisis management : advanced sciences and technologies for security applications. (pp. 77-96). Springer International Publishing:

Domdouzis, K., Akhgar, B., Andrews, S., & Gibson, H. (2016). A social media and crowd-sourcing data mining system for crime prevention during and post-crisis situations. Journal of Systems and Information Technology, 18 (4), 364-382.

Domdouzis, K., Andrews, S., & Akhgar, B. (2016). Application of a new service-oriented architecture (SOA) paradigm on the design of a crisis management distributed system. International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies, 7 (2), 1-17.

Domdouzis, K. (2015). Sustainable cloud computing. In Dastbaz, M., Pattinson, C., & Akhgar, B. (Eds.) Green information technology: a sustainable approach. (pp. 95-110). Waltham, MA: Morgan Kaufmann

Domdouzis, K., Andrews, S., Gibson, H., Akhgar, B., & Hirsch, L. (2014). Service-Oriented Design of a Command and ControlIntelligence Dashboard for Crisis Management. In Big Data, Intelligence Management and Analytics Workshop (BDIMA 2014), 7th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC 2014), London, 2014 - 2014.

Domdouzis, K., Lacey, P., Lodge, D., & Taylor, S.J.E. (2013). System dynamics in healthcare: A web-based approach. Modelling and Simulation 2013 - European Simulation and Modelling Conference, ESM 2013, 309-315.

Domdouzis, K., Rodriguez, L., Hansen, A., & Ting, K.C. (2010). Development of an Application Programming Interface (API) for biomass feedstock production engineering. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2010, ASABE 2010, 7, 5347-5373.

Domdouzis, K., Shastri, Y., Hu, M.C., Rodriguez, L., Hansen, A., & Ting, K.C. (2009). Systems informatics for biomass feedstock production. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2009, ASABE 2009, 8, 4999-5020.

Journal articles

Domdouzis, K. (2021). Automated Agricultural Robot and Sensor Data Collection and Analysis through a Biomass Feedstock Production Information System. Zeal Press International Journal of Robotics and Automation Technology, 8, 12-18.

Andrews, S., Gibson, H., Domdouzis, K., & Akhgar, B. (2016). Creating corroborated crisis reports from social media data through formal concept analysis. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, 47, 287-312.

Domdouzis, K., Kumar, B., & Anumba, C. (2007). Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) applications: A brief introduction. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 21 (4), 350-355.

Conference papers

Gibson, H., Akhgar, B., & Domdouzis, K. (2015). Using Social Media for Crisis Response : The ATHENA System. In Mesquita, A., & Peres, P. (Eds.) Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Social Media 2015: ECSM 2015, Porto, Portugal. Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited:

Gibson, H., Andrews, S., Domdouzis, K., Hirsch, L., & Akhgar, B. (2014). Combining Big Social Media Data and FCA for Crisis Response. In 2014 IEEE/ACM 7th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing, (pp. 690-695). The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers:

Shastri, Y., Domdouzis, K., Hu, M.C., Hansen, A., Rodriguez, L., & Ting, K.C. (2009). System level analysis of biomass feedstock production for bioenergy sector. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2009, ASABE 2009, 4, 2203-2222.

Book chapters

Domdouzis, K. (2020). The Significance of the Study of the Brain’s Hippocampus for the Progress of Biologically-Inspired Computational Systems. In Rodrigues, J.M.F., Cardosa, P.J.S., Monteiro, J., & Ramos, C.M.Q. (Eds.) Smart Systems Design, Applications, and Challenges. IGI Globa:

Domdouzis, K. (2019). Detecting psycho-anomalies on the world-wide web: current tools and challenges. In Advances in Psychology Research. NOVA Science Publishers

Bahk, C., Baptista, L., Winokur, C., Colodzin, R., & Domdouzis, K. (2017). The ATHENA Mobile Application. In Akhgar, B., Staniforth, A., & Waddington, D. (Eds.) Application of Social Media in Crisis Management. (pp. 97-113). Springer International Publishing:

Akhgar, B., Tafaghodi, A., & Domdouzis, K. (2015). Cloud Computing, Sustainability, and Risk. In Dastbaz, M., Pattinson, C., & Akhgar, B. (Eds.) Green Information Technology. (pp. 295-311). Morgan Kaufman:

Bayerl, P.S., Akhgar, B., Brewster, B., Domdouzis, K., & Gibson, H. (2014). Social media and its role for LEA's : review and applications. In Akhgar, B., Staniforth, A., & Bosco, F. (Eds.) Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Investigators Handbook. (pp. 197-220). Elsevier:


Domdouzis, K., Lake, P., & Crowther, P. (2021). Concise Guide to Databases - A Practical Introduction, Second Edition(2nd). Springer.


Boisvert, C., Domdouzis, K., & Love, M. (n.d.). An Open Workflow Environment to Support Learning Data Science. Presented at: Apprentissage Instrumente de l’Informatique, Font-Romeu (France), 2017


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