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James Cherrington

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Dr James Cherrington

Senior Lecturer


Jim is a senior lecturer in the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity. His research explores how identity, bodies, knowledges and objects are materialised in/through everyday life, with much of his recent work dedicated to investigating the socio-historical, socio-technical and political conditions of 'nature' (sport). His most recent research project examines the impact that electric mountain bikes are having on health and the environment. Jim currently teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate modules relating to sport and social theory, alternative physical activities and sport branding. He welcomes applications from potential PhD students with an interest in the relationships between sport, physical activity and society, especially those that relate to green exercise, technology and society, or extreme/alternative sport. 




Academy of Sport and Physical Activity

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences

  • BSc Physical Activity, Sport and Health
  • BSc Sport Business Management
  • BSc Sport Development with Coaching


Understanding Physical Activity, Alternative Physical Activities, Football and Society


Defining the Social, Cultural and Political Impact of Outdoor Activities in Sheffield


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Cherrington, J., & Watson, B. (2010). Shooting a diary, not just a hoop: using video diaries to explore the embodied everyday contexts of a university basketball team. Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise, 2 (2), 267-281.

Book chapters

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Internet Publications

Cherrington, J. (2021). Are e-bikes ruining mountain biking?

Cherrington, J. (2020). Mountain bikers can strengthen the connection between humans, nature and recreational space.


Cherrington, J., & Black, J. (2022). Sport and Physical Activity in Catastrophic Environments (Book Launch). Presented at: Changing Places Seminar Series, Sheffield Hallam University, UK, 2022

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