James Corazzo

Associate Professor James Corazzo NTF

Teaching & Learning Portfolio Lead & Principal Lecturer Graphic Design


I believe design, designers and design education have the power to shape equitable and transformative futures, and this drives my teaching and research into design education and its people (students and academics), places (studios, the art schools, policies, and corridors), and things (curricula, materials, and dialogues). I am a National Teaching Fellow, co-founder of the Graphic Design Educators’ Network, and the Teaching and Learning Portfolio Lead for the Art & Design Department, where I work alongside creative academics on all things related to education.


I approach graphic design as a communication framework through which our ideas about the world are socially and materially constructed and shared. Graphic Design gives visual forms to ideas and ways of interacting with the world. As designers, we can use this framework to reproduce the same ways of saying and selling things, or we can use it to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and seed new possibilities for society and culture.

Specialist areas of interest

Graphic Design
Graphic Design Education
The Studio
Publication design
Actor-Network Theory and post-humanist theories


Department of Art and Design

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Subject area

I am part of the Visual Communication Subject Area.


I teach the BA (Hons) Graphic Design and BA (Hons) Graphic Design User Experience (UX) courses.


Graphic Design in Context


I research design education and its people, places and things. I use various creative and ethnographic methods to explore how bodies, discourses and objects come together to make particular kinds of design education and particular ways of knowing. I am currently working on four research projects:

• Co-authoring a field guide to Studio Education (published in spring 2024),

• Establishing a network to unfold the potentials of graphic design research,

• Researching the role of informal learning and materiality in the design studio

• Documenting self-organising, paragogic and cybernetic educational models


Journal articles

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Conference papers

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Book chapters

Corazzo, J., & Price, S. (2014). Feasible utopias in graphic design education. In Martinez, Y., & Trees, J. (Eds.) Thought experiments in graphic design education. London: Books from the future: http://www.booksfromthefuture.info/books/thought-experiments-in-graphic-design-education/


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Other activities

As a passionate advocate for design education, I co-founded the subject association Graphic Design Educators’ Network in 2014. I led a consortium of Art & Design sector bodies and institutions to identify the research barriers and challenges for graphic design academics. I am a highly experienced External Examiner for design programmes in the UK and internationally. I consult with institutions on the validation of new design programmes, course structures and innovative approaches to assessment.

I have served on various boards and advisory groups, including the D&AD Committee (North) and the Cultural and Creative Skills Industry Advisory Board, Graphic Design Educators’ Network. I currently co-run the Education Special Interest Group (EdSIG) for the Design Research Society (DRS) and serve on the Editorial Advisory Board for various journals, including Arts, Design and Communication in Higher Education (ADCHE) and Message Journal.

Postgraduate supervision

I currently supervise PhDs around design education and design for health. I am interested in supervising PhDs at the cross-section of art & design education, new materialisms, graphic design, creative methods, and academic cultures.

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