Michelle Cook

Michelle Cook MSc

Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing


I am a mental health nurse by background and have worked within Psychiatric Intensive care services and acute inpatient services. I have an interest in the management of violence and aggression both towards staff and service users- but with a particular interest in staff debrief and support following such incidents of violence and aggression, and its impact on therapeutic relationships and trauma experiences.


I have worked at Sheffield Hallam university since 2020 starting at what was the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am currently an academic advisor for a number of students across the BSC and MSc courses. I work into a range of modules and courses. I have recently been appointed as the year 2 cohort lead for the masters nursing courses - Adult and Mental health.

I am module lead for one of the researching for practice iterations at distance learning and the Perinatal mental health and the family module.

Senior Lecturer


Department of Nursing and Midwifery

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences

Mental Health Nursing


- Bsc Nursing.
- Msc Nursing.
- Perinatal Mental Health.
- Msc Advancing professional practice (Dissertation and RFP modules)

- Assessing and planning for person centred care.
- Creating original practice.
- Evidence and Enquiry for practice.
- Perinatal Mental health and the family.
- Person centred care - leading and coordinating.
- Person centred care - providing and evaluating.
- Providing and evaluating person centred care.
- Researching for practice.
- Specialities medicine.
- The advancing professional.
- Understanding complexities in practice.

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