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Emma Carter

Dr Emma L Carter MEng&Man PhD CEng MIMechE

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering


Emma is an Engineering Lecturer and Chartered Mechanical Engineer with industrial background in automotive component manufacturing and academic research experience in vehicle safety, micro-engineering and blast mitigation technologies.

  • About

    She earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing and Management from the University of Birmingham (MEng&Man) in 1996. Emma has five years of experience working in industry in various roles including cost estimation, process engineering, lean manufacturing, knowledge-based engineering and quality systems. She gained a PhD from University of Birmingham in Vehicle design optimisation for pedestrian and cyclist safety. 4 years post-doc in micro-engineering at UoB then 3 years post-doc in Finite Element modelling of blast mitigation technology.

    Specialist areas of interest

    Automotive safety
    Pedestrian injury mitigation
    Blast injury mitigation
    Finite Element Modelling
    Multi-body dynamic modelling
    Genetic Algorithm optimization
    Quantitative data analysis

  • Teaching

    Department of Engineering and Mathematics

    Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences


    Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering

    Engineering Practice, Computer Methods for Engineering, Integrative Design Studies, Intermediate Design and Manufacture

  • Research

    EU Framework 7 projects:
    'ENCOUNTER' (2015) - University of Sheffield
    'SECURESTATION' (2014) - University of Sheffield
    'APROSYS' (2007) - University of Birmingham

  • Publications

    CARTER, E, PARAGREEN, J, VALFRE, G, FLETCHER, D (2015). ‘Passenger acceptance of counter-terrorism security measures in stations’, IET Intelligent Transport Systems.

    CARTER, E, NEAL-STURGESS, C (2009). ‘MADYMO reconstruction of a real-world collision between a vehicle and cyclist’, International Journal of Crashworthiness, August 2009, Vol.14, Issue 4, p.379.

    CARTER, E, WARD, M, ANTONY, C (2009). ‘Design and fabrication of novel devices using the Casimir force for non-contact actuation’, IEEE Sensors Conference, (Christchurch, NZ).

    CARTER, E, NEAL-STURGESS, C, HARDY, RN (2008). ‘APROSYS in-depth database of serious pedestrian and cyclist road traumas’, International Journal of Crashworthiness, December 2008, Vol.13, Issue 6, p.629.

    ANTHONY, C, BOWEN, J, TORICELLI, G, CARTER, E, WARD, M, CINNS, C (2008). ‘AFM Characterisation of SOI Push-in Plates for Casimir Force Measurements’, Micro and Nano Letters, March 2008.

    CARTER, E, PIROSZHENKO, I, BOWEN, J, TORICELLI, G, WARD, M, ANTHONY, C (2008). ‘Fabrication of a metamaterial to modify the Casimir force’, NANOMAN, 2008 (Singapore).

    CARTER, E, EBDON, S, NEAL-STURGESS, C (2005). ‘Optimization of Passenger Car Design for the Mitigation of Pedestrian Head Injury Using a Genetic Algorithm’, Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO), Washington DC, June 2005.

    CARTER, E, EBDON, S, NEAL-STURGESS, C (2004). ‘Optimization of Passenger Car Design for the Mitigation of Pedestrian Head Injury Using a Genetic Algorithm’, Proceedings of the IMechE Vehicle Safety Conference, London, December 2004.

  • Other activities

    STEM Ambassador (delivery of engineering related talks and workshops in schools and science festivals)

  • Media

    Finalist in DocFest 'Specialist Factual New Talent' competition in 2013.

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