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Laura Cole

Dr Laura Cole BSc, PhD, FHEA

Lecturer in Biomedical Science

  • About

    Laura was appointed to a lecturing post at Sheffield Hallam University having completed a BSc Biomedical Science and a PhD in cancer research at the University. She is Course Leader of the BSc Biomedical Science Course and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her research interests include Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Imaging to investigate tumour progression and treatment resistance mechanisms.

  • Teaching

    Laura teaches a range of subjects in the Department of Biosciences and Chemistry including Bioanalytical Science, Biomedical Investigative Techniques and Professional and Scientific Practice.

  • Research

    Laura's research has focused on the study of sinusoidal and leaky tumour vasculature, its relationship with an active tumour milieu, stress response mechanisms, vascular endothelial isoforms and the molecular switch back to viable tissue. More specifically, observing protein and lipid induction as a result of anticancer treatments, and studying the multicellular, stem cell like populations within the tumour microenvironment, possibly responsible for drug treatment resistance. She has been able to map specific changes in the molecular pathology of tumour tissue showing inverse correlations between heat shock proteins and structural proteins and those species implicated in tumour progression and metastasis.

    These research directions have enabled Laura to be involved in the validation of anti-cancer drug Fosbretabulin (phase II/III clinical trials) and study the proteomics and lipidomics of a range of diseased clinical tissue. As a member of the Centre for Mass Spectrometry Imaging at Sheffield Hallam University, she has disseminated her research at conferences throughout Europe, America and Canada.

    Her research-informed teaching encompasses multidisciplinary techniques along with a bioanalytical theme.

  • Publications

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