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David Claxton 110611

Dr David Claxton BSc (Hons), PhD

Senior Lecturer


I teach the physiology of sport and exercise physiology on the undergraduate and postgraduate Sport and Exercise Science-related degrees and cover both applied sports physiology and the physiology of physical activity and health. Current topics of interests include: training principles, sport performance assessment, physiology of obesity c.f.  low carbohydrate diets, the physiology of vertical treadmill exercise, with a passion for all things "endurance".

  • About

    After graduating form Liverpool Polytechnic, with a 2(i) in Sport and Exercise Science, I worked for 15 years as a physiology technician during which time I completed my PhD on Oxygen Uptake Kinetics in Children. This research included working closely with the Sheffield Children's Hospital investigating the long term effects of diaphragmatic hernia repair. Other clinical work includes the evaluation of walking economy in children and young adults with achondroplasia.

    I have been teaching in higher education since 2003. I was Course Leader for three masters courses: Physical Activity for Health, Sport and Exercise Psychology, and the MSc in Sport and Exercise Science. In the five years a Course Leader for the MSc in Sport and Exercise Science I lead the process of transition into the current MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Science. Which thanks to the hard work of the current Course Leader and staff, seems to be going form strength-to-strength?

    I still occasionally compete in duathlon and triathlon and can be found most weekends running, or cycling in the Peaks.

    Specialist areas of interest

    Oxygen uptake kinetics
    Vertical treadmill exercise
    Good laboratory practice quality assurance and laboratory safety

  • Teaching

    Subject area

    Sport Science


    BSc Sport and Exercise Science
    BSc Sport  and Exercise Technology
    MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Science
    MSc Sports Engineering
    MSc Advanced Sport Coaching Practice

  • Research

    Sprint Interval Training on the Vertical Treadmill
    Optimising Nutrition in Soccer
    Measurement of Movement in Tennis
    Effects of Caffeine on post half - time soccer performance in females

  • Publications

    Ashe, A, Claxton, D (2017). Effects of caffeinated gum on post half time simulated soccer performance in trained female players. Oral Presentation. BASES Student Conference, University of St Mark and St John, Plymouth 12-13 April 

    Jordan, A, Fysh, M, Claxton, D, Purvis, A, Barnes, A (2012). Kinematics and neuromuscular recruitment of vertical treadmill running. UK Abstract and Oral presentation European College of Sport Science Brugge.

    Saxton, J, Claxton, D, Winter, E, Pockley, G (2003). The effects of eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage on peripheral blood neutrophil respiratory burst response and activation status in humans. Journal of sports sciences, 21(4), 334-335.

    Chapman, J,  Claxton, D, Donnan, L, Fysh, M (2001). Oxygen cost of walking at self-selected speeds in achondroplastic subjects Part II: Health and sports medicine, Journal of Sports Sciences, 19:8, 577-595.

    Edwards, AM, Challis, NV, Chapman, JH, Claxton, DB. Fysh, ML (2001). The test-retest reliability of gas exchange kinetics in humans using a pseudo random binary sequence exercise test. European Journal of Applied Physiology 85(3-4): 333-8.

    Edwards, AM, Challis, NV, Chapman, JH, Claxton, DB, Fysh, ML (2001). Time domain analysis of oxygen uptake kinetics in elite runners by pseudo random binary sequence (PRBS) exercise. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 33(5): S21.

    Claxton, DB, Chapman, JH, Challis, NV, Fysh, ML (2000). Exercise testing in children: an alternative approach. Ergonomics 43:1593-1602.

    Edwards, AM, Challis, NV, Chapman, JH, Claxton, DB, Fysh, ML (1999).  O2 kinetics determined by PRBS techniques differentiate elite endurance runners from elite sprinters. International Journal of Sports Medicine 20: 1-6.

    Marven, SS, Smith, CM, Chapman, JH, Claxton, DB, Davies, HA, Primhak, RA, Powell, CVE (1998). Pulmonary function, exercise performance and growth in survivors of congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Archives of Diseases in Childhood 78(2): 137-142.

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