Peter Charlish

Peter Charlish BA (Hons), PGCE, MA (Law), MPhil, SFHEA

Principal Lecturer


I am acting Deputy Head of Department and Head of University Academic Workplanning. I also lead the sports law module at undergraduate level and supervise both undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations in this area.


I've worked at Sheffield Hallam University since 2003 in various academic roles. In March 2007 I became the Subject Group Leader for Law. That role involved the day to day management of the law subject group, As part of that role, I developed new courses and introduced new student and staff support systems. I also line managed all 26 full time members of the subject group. During my time in the role I developed the Graduate Diploma in Law the conversion course for non-law graduates. I also helped to develop the LLB Business Law degree route. I have recently taken on the new role of Operations Manager for the Department of Law, Criminology and Community Justice in addition to my existing role of Academic Workplanning Lead for Law which has been expanded to cover across the Department.


Department Of Law and Criminology

College of Social Sciences and Arts

My research interests revolve around various aspects of sports law and I have published articles in both domestic and international journals. Most of my research has revolved around two areas, that of the position of the tort of negligence in the regulation of violence on the sports field and more recently issues relating to the legal regulation of doping in sport.


Journal articles

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Other activities

Peter has twice been cited in Parliament for his work relating to consultation with the Private Members Promotion of Volunteering Bill 2004, which was acknowledged in Hansard (Standing Committee C - Hansard, Wed 19th May 2004, Column No 101), and again later in 2006, (Standing Committee E – Hansard 20th June 2006, Column No 14). He was an invitee to the All Party Parliamentary Group-Risk and Adventure in Society, which met on 19th Oct 2005 in the House of Commons, Committee Room 7 and contributed to the consultation paper Childhood Review, which was delivered by David Willets MP to the Shadow Cabinet in October 2007. Peter has featured on several occasions on BBC Radio, most recently on 12th October 2012 on Radio Sheffield where he was interviewed on the issues around the cyclist Lance Armstrong and his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs.

Peter is the academic representative for the faculty responsible for ensuring staff compliance with University wide policies relating to completion of the thrice annual time allocation survey. He also Chairs academic boards, academic conduct panels and sits on Extenuating circumstances panels.


Peter Charlish is a principal lecturer in law, with a particular research interest in sports law and anti-doping legislation. He is a member of the editorial board of the International Sports Law Review.

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