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Chris Sammon

Professor Chris Sammon

Professor of Polymer Science


I am a chemist with an interest in the design, characterisation and manufacture of polymer systems for a range of applications mainly at the interface with biology. I aspire to develop a good understanding of hydrophilic matrices in the presence of water; how their chemical nature, external stimuli and additives influence interactions and structures. 

I am also interested in the distribution and mobility of small molecules in polymeric systems and I have conducted studies on synthetic and natural biopolymers, hydrogels, pharmaceutical systems, cellular materials, saline separation systems, paints, plastisols and cellulose ethers. I am also interested in the development and synthesis of amphiphilic hydrogels for regenerative medical applications. I have a strong interest in the application of vibrational spectroscopy and imaging techniques to facilitate an understanding of structure property relationships in the systems outlined.

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