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Niall Gandy

Dr Niall Gandy BSc MSc PhD

Lecturer in GIS


Niall is a palaeo-glaciologist and GIS specialist, primarily lecturing in GIS at Sheffield Hallam University.


Niall joined Sheffield Hallam in 2022 as a Lecturer in GIS. Niall completed a PhD at the University of Leeds in 2020, using the BISICLES ice sheet models to simulations the British-Irish Ice Sheet, with a thesis titled “The Role of Ice Streams in the Demise of the British-Irish Ice Sheet”. Prior to the PhD, Niall completed at undergraduate degree at the University of Sheffield and remained for an MSc in Polar and Alpine Change.



Department of the Natural and Built Environment

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Subject area

GIS and Spatial Programming
Glaciology and Ice Sheet Modelling
Palaeo Climate Change

Modules taught 

Level 4

Planet Earth

Level 5

Glaciers and Glaciation

Level 7

Introduction to GIS

GIS and Statistical Modelling

Applied Research Methods

Remote Sensing

Major Research Project


My publications include;

Gandy, N., Gregoire, L.J., Ely, J.C., Cornford, S.L., Clark, C.D. and Hodgson, D.M., 2021. Collapse of the last Eurasian Ice Sheet in the North Sea modulated by combined processes of ice flow, surface melt, and marine ice sheet instabilities. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 126(4), p.e2020JF005755.

Gandy, N., Gregoire, L.J., Ely, J.C., Cornford, S.L., Clark, C.D. and Hodgson, D.M., 2019. Exploring the ingredients required to successfully model the placement, generation, and evolution of ice streams in the British-Irish Ice Sheet. Quaternary Science Reviews, 223, p.105915.

Gandy, N., Gregoire, L.J., Ely, J.C., Clark, C.D., Hodgson, D.M., Lee, V., Bradwell, T. and Ivanovic, R.F., 2018. Marine ice sheet instability and ice shelf buttressing of the Minch Ice Stream, northwest Scotland. The Cryosphere, 12(11), pp.3635-3651.

Ely, J.C., Clark, C.D., Hindmarsh, R.C., Hughes, A.L., Greenwood, S.L., Bradley, S.L., Gasson, E., Gregoire, L., Gandy, N., Stokes, C.R. and Small, D., 2021. Recent progress on combining geomorphological and geochronological data with ice sheet modelling, demonstrated using the last British–Irish Ice Sheet. Journal of Quaternary Science, 36(5), pp.946-960.

Sutherland, J.L., Carrivick, J.L., Gandy, N., Shulmeister, J., Quincey, D.J. and Cornford, S.L., 2020. Proglacial lakes control glacier geometry and behavior during recession. Geophysical Research Letters, 47(19), p.e2020GL088865.


Journal articles

Stoker, B., Margold, M., Gosse, J., Hody, A., Monteath, A., Young, J., ... Fosese, D. (2022). The collapse of the Cordilleran-Laurentide ice saddle and early opening of the Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories, Canada, constrained by 10Be exposure dating. The Cryosphere, 16, 4865-4886.

Clark, C.D., Ely, J.C., Hindmarsh, R.C.A., Bradley, S., Ignéczi, A., Fabel, D., ... Wilson, P. (2022). Growth and retreat of the last British–Irish Ice Sheet, 31 000 to 15 000 years ago: the BRITICE‐CHRONO reconstruction. Boreas.

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