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Hester Reeve

Hester Reeve MA

Reader in Fine Art


My research encompasses live art, philosophy, drawing, David Bohm's 'Dialogue' and social sculpture. I am interested in the relationship between critical thinking and human agency in everyday life particularly when it is risked through the figure of ‘the artist’ (where what constitutes an artist is broadly conceived and not exclusive to art school training). Recent public works have been staged at Halle G, Tanzquartier Vienna, Tate Britain (working under the umbrella of ‘The Emily Davison Lodge’ with Olivia Plender) and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

  • About

    My art practice explores art as a species of philosophical agency, invested first and foremost in the task of radical thinking. But this does not mean I abandon making for writing, my passion here is how such thinking forms new types of subjects, uses of artistic mediums and behaviours for the artist. My practice is necessarily wide ranging - incorporating live art, drawing, sculpture, writing, lens based media and David Bohm’s Dialogue. I choose to operate in my own mind via ‘HRH.the’ (a conceptual persona), an intellectual and fantastical strategy by which I navigate my complex relationship to the world. My overall stance is perhaps contentious in that, for me, art is not viewed as a straightforward tool of communication, more as a complex kingdom that is continually attempting to establish itself through human thought and action. Specific areas of current research include the relationship between art and philosophy (between abstract thought and matter-lived experience), the suffragette as a militant artist (imagination and the political voice), the figure of the artist as an experimental site of radical subjectivity (extending to the art school as a creative laboratory for a ‘people yet to come’) and the relationship of drawing to performed event (including the event of thought). Research informed teaching is important to my practice and I lead Dialogue Groups in Sheffield Hallam University Fine Art Department (with Helen Blejermann) and have developed various innovative participatory extra-curricular platforms for learning through action-performance (in particular ‘The 24 Hour Origin of the Work of Art Lecture’). I also collaborate with Olivia Plender under the umbrella of ‘The Emily Davison Lodge’ and am a member of the international research group Performance Philosophy.

    The relationship between art and philosophy, David Bohm’s Dialogue, live art action and its documentation, suffragette artists and the relationship between art and social change, the relationship between the artist and the academy and drawing.

  • Teaching

    Department of Art and Design

    Science, Technology and Arts

    Fine Art

    Course Leader MART Fine Art & Creative Art Practice

    Module leader BA Art Context 2

  • Research

    • Art and Design Research Centre
    • Cultural Communication and Computing Research Institute

    The Emily Davison Lodge (with Olivia Plender)
    (Official website pending)

    David Bohm’s Dialogue (various projects ongoing)

    Sculptural Substance:

    Philosophy on Stage 4 (international research project: FWF PEEK-Projekt Artist Philosophers. Philosophy AS arts-Based-Research project):

    The Artist and the Academy

    ‘Ymedaca’ – Submitted to Arts Council England October 2015

    ‘Live Notation – Extending Matters of Performance’ (co-authored with Alex McLean) –submitted to Arts & Humanities Research Board, September 2013

    Olivia Plender
    Helen Blejermann
    Arts Council England

  • Publications

    A list of publications is available from the institutional repository, SHURA

    Published Writings

    ‘Islands of the Pen, Politics of the Ink,’ in ‘Atlantis,’ Cheeseman, M. (ed.), London: Spirit Duplicator, 2015

    Reeve, H. & Waldock, D. ed. ‘Ymedaca,’ Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2015

    Plender, O. & Reeve, H. ’Minutes of the 2nd Meeting of the Emily Davison Lodge,’ Oberon 1, 2015

    Reeve, H., ‘On the Good,’ in ‘Ways of knowledge Generation – Strategies in Performance Art,’ Manfred Blohm und Elke Mark eds., Fabrico verlag/Flenberg University

    Beck, A., Cheeseman, M., Evans, C., Leven.,B., Reeve, H., Schroder, A. & Spencer, S., No Picnic -Explorations in Art and Research, NATCECT, 2014

    Büchler, P. & Reeve, H., ‘Doing Art’ in Transmission Annual: Labour, Work, Action, eds. M. Corris, J. Jospeh-Lester & S. Kivland, ARTWORDS Press, 2013.

    Reeve, H., ‘But the real work was to place a stone in my mouth (please remember that I did that),’ in The Text Festivals: Language, Art and Material Poetry, ed. T. Lopez, University of Plymouth Press, 2013, pp.123-135.

    Plender, O. & Reeve, H., ‘Open Letter to Tate Britain’ in Living Labour eds. M. Hoegsberg, & C. Fisher, Sternberg Press, 2013, pp. 71-80.

    Reeve, H., ‘Shimmy Shimmy’ in, Reading/Feeling, eds.T. Baudoin, F. Bergholtz & V. Ziherl, Vivian, If I Can’t Dance I Don’t want to be Part Of Your Revolution, 2013.

    McLean, A. & Reeve, H., ‘Live Notation – Acoustic Resonance?’ at International Computer Music Conference: Non-Cochlear Sound, September 2012.

    Reeve, H., ‘An interview with Pavel Büchler’ in Labour in Vain, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, 2010, pp.30-6.

    Artist pages ‘Sheffield: Divine (the) City,’ Brutalist Flights of Fancy Site Gallery, 2011

    Reeve, H., ‘Frankenstein Vol III, Chapter VIII’ in Dark Reflections, Monstrous Reflections: Essays on the Monster in Culture, Ni Fhlainn, Sorcha ed., Volume 43 of ‘At the Interface,’ Monsters and the Monstrous, Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2009, pp.247-264. E Book.

    Presentations, Papers and Bohm Dialogues

    Sculptural Substance, ‘Thought Positions in Sculpture’ Symposium, University of Huddersfield (The Centre for Sculptural Thinking)
    Slow Coding-Slow Performance-Slow Workshop (with Tom Hall), workshop at International Live Coding Conference, University of Leeds
    The Suffragette as a Militant Artist, No Peace Without Women, Ulster Hall, Belfast
    Artists Talk, Co-Dreaming, Bloc Projects, Sheffield
    Bohm Dialogue, Creative Thesis Programme, Slade School of Art, London
    Bohm Dialogue, Tanzquartier, The Nietzsche Lab, Vienna


    The 24 Hour Origin of the Work of Art Lecture - Dwelling in the Exposition, Gnothi Seuton conference, Theatre on the Balustrade, Prague (organized by the Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)
    Bohmian Dialogue and The Art School Experience (with Helen Blejerman), In Dialogue conference in association with Nottingham Contemporary
    Live Code and The Body Without Organs Dissection, Live Coding and The Body symposium, University of Sussex
    The Suffragette as a Militant Artist, The Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Lecture, Worltley Hall, Sheffield
    The B in Philosophy II,- The necessity of HRH.the (performance lecture), FWF PEEK-Projekt Artist Philosophers. Philosophy AS arts-Based-Research project, Philosophy Department, University of Vienna
    Bohm Dialogue Session, FWF PEEK-Projekt Artist Philosophers. Philosophy AS arts-Based-Research project, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
    Convener and speaker (with Olivia Plender & Emma Chambers) Sylvia Pankhurst Scholars’
    Morning (2nd meeting of the Emily Davison Lodge), Tate Britain.


    Emily Davison Day, Art, Politics and the Pamphleteer, People’s History Museum, Manchester
    Bohm Dialogue, The Beshara School, Scotland
    Bohm Dialogue Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee
    Artist Talk & Bohm Dialogue workshop Duncan Jordanstone College of Art
    The Winning Line artist talk, The Northern Gathering, Morpeth Town Hall
    Bohm Dialogue, University of Brighton (Fine Art PhD group)


    Artist Talk, ‘Crossing Borders,’ Siabhan Davies Dance Studios, London
    1-Day Bohm Dialogue, (dis)chorus, LUX Associate Artists’ Programme Residency, Brecon, Wales
    Live Notation – Acoustic Resonance (with Alex McLean) International Computer Music Conference, Slovenia Double Agent, Live Notation Unit Symposium, Arnolfini
    Artist’s Talk, Live Notation, in association with Goldsmith’s Thursday Club, Centre for Creative Collaboration, London
    ‘Live Notation’ (with Alex McLean) AHRC Digital Transformations networking event, Westminster
    Bohm Dialogue at Performance, London (for NWN)


    Bohm Dialogue, Compass Festival of Live Art, Leeds (for NWN)
    Bohm Dialogue, Adhocracy, Rich Mix, London (for NWN)
    Artist Talk, Burutalist Speculations Symposium, Site Gallery, Sheffield


    David Bohm’s Dialogue, Learning, Teaching & Assessment Conference, Sheffield Hallam University

    Exhibitions, Comissions and Works

    Burning to Speak, Thought Positions in Sculpture (group show), Huddersfield Art Gallery
    The Life Voyager’s Tea Service, commission, ‘Art Social 15’ House of St Barnabas, London

    2014: Ymedaca - The Game Plan & The Temple of the Muses, Upper Space & National Arts Education Archive gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

    2013: The Winning Line (video), Emily Inspires, Morpeth Town Hall
    Asphalt Shout Out, Platform in the Making, group show, Site, Sheffield.
    The Critical Girlfriend screened at Performance Philosophy - Staging a New Field, University of Surrey.

    2012:'Seen 5, Act I' (drawings) Specular, KARST, Plymouth

    2010: The Devil is Undone, “Unspeaking Engagements” (group show) Lanchester Gallery at Coventry University.

    2009: The Devil is Undone ,Unspeaking Engagements (group show) The Art Center of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand & Lanchester Gallery, Coventry Gallery “Walls have ears. Your ears have walls” (with the group ‘chimney’) Photographic documentation of action, for CAad Festival, Cake Gallery, Sheffield.

    Live Art Works

    2015: Of sound on the Landing Page ‘Philosophy on Stage No. 4,’ Halle G Tanzquartier, Vienna
    Body I am and Book is just another word for the body, Senate House Library illumination Series, London
    Attendez: I care and attend to the book and the book cares and attends to the we in me ‘Care and Attend’ - part of The Society for Artistic Research Spring Event, Chelsea College of Arts, London
    Nietzsche Salutes HRH.the (performance lecture), Tanzquartier, Vienna (The Nietzsche Lab, FWF PEEK-Projekt Artist Philosophers. Philosophy AS arts-Based-Research, University of Applied Arts, Vienna)

    2014: On the Good Ymedaca, Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    2013: Plato’s Apology Bob & Roberta Smith’s ‘Art Party Conference,’ The Spa, Scarborough.
    A Mild Case of the Brompthods The Art of Reading, Senate House Library/Bloomsbury Festival
    Shimmy Shimmy Friday Salon: Reading as a Contemporary Art, ICA, London

    2012: Re-The Rope that Binds us Makes them Free for Fiona Templeton’s ‘Bodies of Memory’ performance in conjunction with New Work Network’s ‘Acts of Legacy,’ ‘Late at the Tate,’ Tate Britain
    BlackspaceBoard (with Alex McLean) Digital Transformations moot (AHRC), Mermaid Theatre, London
    The Hair of the Horse (collaboration with SLUB), Live Notation Unit, Arnolfini

    2010: Protest for Emily Davison Day Epsom Race Course, Epsom Derby-Ladies Day

    2009: The Mirror-call TEXT2 festival, Met Arts Centre, Bury
    Walls have ears. Your ears have walls (with the group ‘chimney’), Sheffield Hallam University.

  • Other activities

    External Examiner, West Dean College, PG Programme Visual Arts

  • Postgraduate supervision

    'Stigmata: Marks of Pain in Body Performances by Female Arab Artists' (second supervisor)

    How Do I Look? Viewing, Embodiment, Showgirls & Art Practice (second supervisor)

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