Benjamin Edmans

Dr Ben Edmans MEng, PhD

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering


My key areas of expertise are solid mechanics and finite element analysis. I am currently active in research in particle technology. I am interested in acting as supervisor for final year and PhD students with projects in these areas, as well as for projects involving scientific programming, numerical analysis and offshore engineering.


I completed my PhD thesis at Brunel University in 2012 on the topic "Nonlinear finite element analysis of flexible pipes for deep-water applications". Following this, I worked as a pipeline engineer and FEA specialist for Lloyd's Register Energy, working in design review and applied research roles. This also included a three-year overseas assignment at Lloyd's Register Global Technology Centre, Singapore. I subsequently worked as a postdoctoral research at Leicester University, working on numerical approaches for predicting the compaction behaviour of powders from particle and surface properties [1] . I joined SHU as a lecturer in 2020.


Department of Engineering and Mathematics

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Subject Area

Solid Mechanics & Dynamics


- 55-408044 Solid Mechanics and Materials Characterisation
- 55-403198-AF Principles of Solid Mechanics and Dynamics
- 55-500305 Applied Solid Mechanics and Dynamics
- 55-600311 Applied Structural Mechanics and Finite Element Analysis
- 55-702024 Industrial Applications of Finite Element Analysis


A syncretic model for predicting compaction behaviour of powders and particulate materials.

Featured Projects

[1] Virtual Formulation Laboratory.

Collaborators and Sponsors

- Professor Iosif Csaba Sinka, University of Leicester
- Dr Giulio Alfano, Brunel University


Journal articles

Edmans, B.D., & Sinka, I.C. (2020). Unloading of elastoplastic spheres from large deformations. Powder Technology, 374, 618-631.

Edmans, B.D., & Sinka, I.C. (2020). Numerical derivation of a normal contact law for compressible plastic particles. Mechanics of Materials, 146, 103297.

Edmans, B.D., Pham, D.C., Zhang, Z.Q., Guo, T.F., Sridhar, N., & Stewart, G. (2019). An effective multiscale methodology for the analysis of marine flexible risers. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 7 (10), 340.

Edmans, B.D., Alfano, G., & Bahai, H. (2013). Nonlinear multi‐scale homogenization with different structural models at different scales. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 94 (4), 355-373.

Conference papers

Edmans, B.D., Guo, T., Zhang, Z., Pham, D.C., Sridhar, N., & Stewart, G. (2016). Multiscale Modelling Approaches for Flexible Risers: Procedures, Capabilities and Demonstrations. Day 4 Fri, March 25, 2016.

Chi, P.D., Zhang, Z., Guo, T., Narayanaswamy, S., Edmans, B., & Stewart, G. (2015). Multiscale modelling approach for flexible risers. ICCM International Conferences on Composite Materials, 2015-July.

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Edmans, B., Pham, D.C., Zhang, Z., Guo, T., Narayanaswamy, S., & Stewart, G. (2014). Multiscale Finite Element Analysis of Unbonded Flexible Risers. Volume 6B: Pipeline and Riser Technology.

Edmans, B. (2014). Finite Element Studies for Assessment of Collapse Modelling Methodologies for Unbonded Flexible Pipes. All Days.

Edmans, B., Alfano, G., Bahai, H., Andronicou, L., & Bahtui, A. (2012). Local Stress Assessment of Flexible Unbonded Pipes Using FEA. Volume 3: Pipeline and Riser Technology.

Edmans, B., Alfano, G., & Bahai, H. (2012). Large-Scale Analysis and Local Stress Assessment of Flexible Unbonded Pipes Using FEA. Volume 3: Pipeline and Riser Technology.

Edmans, B.D., Alfano, G., & Bahai, H. (2009). Multiscale finite-element modelling of flexible marine risers. Computational Plasticity X - Fundamentals and Applications.

Postgraduate supervision

Finite Element Analysis, Solid Mechanics, Powder and Particle Mechanics, Offshore Engineering, Numerical Methods for Solid and Structural Mechanics.

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