Sarah Johnson-Mitchell

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Sarah Johnson-Mitchell MBA

Research Development Manager (Grants)


Overseeing support for developing research grants, and working in partnership with academic research leads to maximise research funding success.


I lead the development of research funding applications across a range of major funders, helping to grow the University’s research portfolio. I am responsible for developing and facilitating large, multi-party, and high-quality, research proposals working across the academic community to grow the quality and value of funding applications and embed good practice amongst the academic and professional service colleagues with whom I work in partnership with.


Conference papers

Yates, S., Jopek, L., Mitchell, S., & Wilson, R. (2009). Semantic interoperability between ballistic systems through the application of ontology. In IADIS (International Association for Development of the Information Society) International Conference in Applied Computing 2009, Rome, Italy, 19 November 2009 - 21 November 2009.

Akhgar, B., Yates, S., Rahman, F., Jopek, L., Mitchell, S., & Caldarelli, L. (2009). A Pan European platform for combating organized crime and terrorism (Odyssey Platform). In Centeris : Conference on ENTERprise Information Systems, Esposende, Portugal, 7 October 2009 - 10 October 2009.

Yates, S., Jopek, L., Mitchell, S., Wilson, R., Calderelli, L., & Fortune, D. (2008). The Odyssey platform: a unified European response to a global threat. In Conference.

Book chapters

Mcseveny, K., & Waddington, D. (2011). Up close and personal : the interplay between information technology and human agency in the policing of the 2011 Sheffield Anti-Lib Dem protes. In Akhgar, B., & Yates, S. (Eds.) Intelligence management : knowledge driven frameworks for combating terrorism and organized crime. (pp. 199-212). Springer:

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