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Dr William Reader BSc (Hons), MSc, DPhil

Senior Lecturer


An interest in cognitive psychology, which I developed in my final year as an undergraduate, led me to undertake a masters in artificial intelligence in 1989, in turn this led me to enrol on a doctorate studying ways of applying artificial intelligence to education (1990-1994). Various other things happened leading me to develop an interest in evolution as it relates to behaviour which remains with me to this day. I have been lecturing full time since 1994 apart from two breaks: a 2 year post-doctoral research position at the Institute of Education in London studying children's understanding of science (1994-96) and a three-year postdoc working with Steve Payne at Cardiff in which we struggled to applying foraging theory (an evolutionary theory typically applied to explain the foraging behaviour of non-human animals) to understand how people search and browse for information (1999-2002). I have been at Sheffield Hallam since 2003.

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