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Dr Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat

Principal Lecturer, Subject Group Leader for Media and Photography


I joined SHU in 2015. Here, I teach and research about the politics of Media Technologies and Industries, with particular attention to how they shape the conditions for social communicative interactions. 

My international record of posts, publications and research includes a postdoc at the University of Vienna (2011-2015), and guest research and teaching experience in more than a dozen universities including Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Catalonia, Argentina, and Malaysia.


I teach in the Media Undergraduate Course and I lead the MA. in Media and Global Communications. I am also Subject Group Leader for Media and Photography. 

My research focuses on the factors that shape the communicative spaces: this is, the integration of social interactions with mobile and digital social platforms, with the physical-geographic space. 

To study communicative spaces I use digital methods and qualitative and quantitative analysis of the communicative activity around social events/moments.

I have been invited and participated in teaching and research exchanges in more than ten different universities around Europe including Austria, Germany, France, Spain and Catalunya and of course, the United Kingdom; and I have presented more than 50 research papers in International Conferences. 

As a social scientist, I fight monsters of social injustice, social discrimination and social inequalities reproduced by technologies and by wrong decisions; and as a teacher I find personal pleasure in learning, that is for me a form of changing the ways of thinking. Perhaps this explains why I study technology, and why science is for me also a way of creativity more than a Techne, or why I am so terribly scared of monkeys with weapons.


Department of Media Arts and Communication. I teach Media Technologies, Digital Methods, and Media Evolution and interactions at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.


Communication and Computing Research Centre
Cultural Communication and Computing Research Institute

My work is structured around the three aspects that shape the communicative space:

1. The Infrastructures and media materialities -physical and virtual

2. Communities and their practices of definition and identification

3. The governance of the communicative spaces -including regulation, policies and the structures of property and media industries. My work is structured around the three aspects that shape the communicative space: 


Journal articles

Brantner, C., Rodriguez-Amat, J., & Belinskaya, Y. (2021). Structures of the public sphere: Contested spaces as assembled interfaces. Media and Communication, 9 (3), 16-27.

Rodriguez-Amat, J., Belinskaya, Y., & Brantner, C. (2020). Revisitando la esfera pública (urbana): un modelo de análisis. Letra, Imagen y Sonido. Ciudad Mediatizada, (20), 106-133.

Rodriguez-Amat, J., & Duller, N. (2019). Sex Machines as Mediatized Sexualities -Ethical and Social Implications. .

Scolari, C., & Rodriguez-Amat, J. (2018). A Latin American approach to mediatization: specificities and contributions to a global discussion about how the media shape contemporary societies. Communication Theory, 28 (2), 131-154.

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Rodriguez-Amat, J., & Brantner, C. (2016). Ocupar las plazas con tuits. Una propuesta para el análisis de la gobernanza de los espacios comunicativos. Obra Digital, 11, 1-19.

Rodriguez-Amat, J., & Brantner, C. (2016). Space and place matters : a tool for the analysis of geolocated and mapped protests. New Media & Society, 18 (6), 1027-1046.

Brantner, C., & Rodriguez-Amat, J. (2016). New “Danger Zone” in Europe: Representations of Place in Social Media–Supported Protests. International Journal of Communication, 10, 299-320.

Sarikakis, K., Krug, C., & Rodriguez-Amat, J. (2015). Defining authorship in user-generated content : copyright struggles in The Game of Thrones. New Media & Society, 542-559.

Sarikakis, K., & Rodriguez-Amat, J.R. (2014). Intellectual property law change and process : the case of Spanish Ley Sinde as policy laundering. First Monday, 19 (3).

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Belinskaya, Y., & Rodriguez-Amat, J. (n.d.). The Choreographic City: Flows, Streams and Trajectories of Bodies in Space. Journal Festival Chania Dance Days.

Belinskaya, Y., & Rodriguez-Amat, J. (n.d.). Strip-Teasing COVID-19 Porn: A promising silhouette of a community, or the dark alley of a platformized industry? First Monday.

Gindin, I., Cingolani, G., & Rodriguez-Amat, J. (n.d.). Autoridades interpretativas: una perspectiva teórica sobre datificación y producción de sentido. Palabra Clave.

Conference papers

Duller, N., & Rodriguez-Amat, J. (2021). Heteromatic Robots on Mars: Ethics of going Outer Space. In Austrian Robotics Workshop 2021, Vienna, 10 June 2021 - 11 June 2021 (pp. 57-63). Vienna: University of Applied Sciences:

Belinskaya, Y., & Rodriguez-Amat, J. (2020). Interfaces of Political Participation: Challenging the Analysis of Communicative Spaces. SOTICS 2020, The Tenth International Conference on Social Media Technologies, Communication, and Informatics, 1-7.

Rodriguez-amat, J. (2017). Games of Piracy and Fandom: Technology, Copyright and Industry. In Game of Thrones Conference 2017, 6 September 2017 - 8 September 2017.

Book chapters

Rodriguez-Amat, J., Scolari, C., & Fernandez, J.L. (2021). Introduction: resuming the conversation. In Mediatization(s). Theoretical Conversations between Europe and Latin America. (1). Intellect

Rodriguez-Amat, J., Scolari, C., & Fernandez, J.L. (2021). Conclusion: On the possibility of intellectual trading zones. In Mediatization(s). Theoretical Conversations between Europe and Latin America. (1). Intellect

Rodriguez-Amat, J., & Belinskaya, Y. (2021). #Germancinema in the Eye of Instagram: showcasing a method combination. In Herrschner, I., Stevens, K., & Nickl, B. (Eds.) Transnational German Cinema: Encountering Germany Through Films and Events. (pp. 109-131). Cham, Switzerland: Springer:

Rodriguez-Amat, J. (2020). Monstruos y Plataformas del Dataceno(1). In Valdettaro, S. (Ed.) Conversaciones en PanMedia. (pp. 45-54). Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentina) UNR:

Brantner, C., & Rodriguez-Amat, J.R. (2015). Mediatisierung und Visualisierung von Ort und Raum : zur Erforschung partizipativer digitaler Praktiken in Geomedien im Rahmen sozialer Proteste. In Lobinger, K., & Geise, S. (Eds.) Visualisierung und Mediatisierung : Bildliche Kommunikation und bildliches Handeln in mediatisierten Gesellschaften. Köln: Herbert von Halem Verlag:

Sarikakis, K., & Rodriguez-Amat, J.R. (2014). COPYRIGHT "POLICY LAUNDERING": NOTES ON AN EVASIVE OBJECT OF RESEARCH. (pp. 33-38).

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Sarikakis, K., & Rodriguez-Amat, J.R. (2013). Regulating media convergence: Supranational and global paradigms. In Media and Convergence Management. (pp. 337-350).

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Montiel, F.J., Peña, J., & Rodríguez, J.R. (n.d.). Country-Branding als Identitätsmetapher. In Anspruchsgruppenorientierte Kommunikation. (pp. 421-438). VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften:

Rodriguez-Amat, J. (n.d.). Geodatification: epistemologies of a metahuman presence. In Mediatization (s) Studies. CIM 10th Anniversary. Universidad Nacional de Rosario


Scolari, C., Fernandez, J.L., & Rodriguez-Amat, J. (Eds.). (2021). Mediatization(s). Theoretical Conversations between Europe and Latin America. Bristol: Intellect.

Scolari, C., Fernandez, J.L., & Rodriguez-Amat, J. (Eds.). (2021). Mediatization(s). Theoretical Conversations between Europe and Latin America. Bristol: Intellect.


Belinskaya, Y., & Rodriguez-Amat, J. (2021). Russian encounters in the TIKTok-sphere. Presented at: TikTok and Social Movements, Perth, Australia, Online, 2021

Rodriguez-Amat, J. (2021). Exploring the wires: Submarine internet cables and ownership Digital Culture and Communication. Presented at: ECREA Conference 2021, online (Braga, Portugal)

Rodriguez-Amat, J., Ruiz-Mora, I., & Oliveira, E. (2021). Strategic communication beyond organizations. The case of fridays for future. Presented at: ECREA Conference 2021, online (Braga, Portugal)

Duller, N., & Rodriguez-Amat, J. (2021). From SpaceX to Technosex. An Experimental Discussionof MediatizedIntimacy in Outer Space. Presented at: 6th International Congress Love and Sex with Robots, online, 2021

Rodriguez-Amat, J., & Belinskaya, Y. (2021). Silences Under Siege? Conflicting Representations of Navalny’s Poisoning in the Twittersphere. Presented at: ICA Annual Conference, online, 2021

Zhang, H., Rodgers, D., Rodriguez-Amat, J.R., & Belinskaya, Y. (2021). Algorithmic Alchemy: The Power of the Witch on YouTube. Presented at: ICA 2021 - 71st Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado [online]

Rodriguez-Amat, J., & Brantner, C. (2021). Geomediatization of public spheres: Deconstructing geomedia, for a genealogy of the public sphere. Presented at: Conference Off the Grid. Geomedia 2021, online + Siegen (Germany), 2021

Zhang, H., Rodgers, D.A., Rodriguez-Amat, J.R., & Belinskaya, Y. (2021). The Shape of Witchcraft. Analytics of Recommendation Algorithms and the Platformization of Culture. Presented at: Algorithms in Film, Television and Sound Cultures: New Ways of Knowing and Storytelling, Bilgi University, Istanbul [online]

Rodriguez-Amat, J., Gindin, I., & Cingolani, G. (2021). Can mediatization help understanding datification. Presented at: Colloquium CIM, online + Rosario (Argentina), 2021

Rodriguez-Amat, J. (2021). The Relationship between visibility and Attention. Unequal visibility in digital spaces. Presented at: Unequal visibility in digital spaces, online - Bochum. Germany

Rodriguez-Amat, J., & Belinskaya, Y. (2020). Algorithmed Gods of Wine: representations in the Internet. Presented at: 11th nternational Conference on Textual Analysis Trama y Fondo, online

Rodriguez-amat, J., & Brantner, C. (2018). Barriers, Shifts, and Flows: Public Sphere and Structures of Communicative Spaces. Presented at: International Communication Association Annual Conference, Prague, 2018

Other activities

If you want to see some of my research team work and data visualisations, you can go here:

Postgraduate supervision

I am happy to supervise PhDs in Cultural and Media Industries and governance, in Media Technologies, and in Datafication and Communication Theories.

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