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Joan Rodriguez Amat

Dr Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat

Senior Lecturer in Media, Communications and PR


Before joining Sheffield Hallam University (June 2015), Joan was appointed as postdoc in the chair of Media Governance, Media Organisations and Media Industries with Professor Katharine Sarikakis at the University of Vienna (2011-15). Prior to that he enjoyed a permanent position at the University of Vic (Spain).

  • About

    During these years he was also invited, or participated in teaching exchanges with more than ten different European universities in Spain, France, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom and has been published in top ranked peer reviewed journals and presented in more than 25 International Conferences since 2012.

    His teaching and research are driven by the exploration of forms of social justice, by the commitment to intellectually contribute to the common understanding of the world, and by the personal pleasure of learning, understood as a form of changing the ways of thinking. Perhaps this explains why he considers science as a form of creativity more than only as a Techne or why he is so terribly scared of monkeys with weapons.

  • Teaching

    Department of Media Arts and Communication

    Science, Technology and Arts

  • Research

    • Communication and Computing Research Centre
    • Cultural Communication and Computing Research Institute

    Three axes of exploration capture his research

    • Governance of communicative spaces and urban action
    • Media Governance, Cultural production and Democracy
    • The Financial crisis and the European public sphere

    These three axes intersect in conceptual discussions about the technologies of communication, about the cultural constructions of time and space and about citizenship and power. This area of interests informs and integrates his teaching and research.

  • Publications

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