Ralph Spence

Ralph Spence MA, BA

Associate Lecturer


I have been teaching at the university for over 35 years. In recent years I have returned to the university in the role of Associate Lecturer. During my time at the university, I have undertaken many roles both within the Business School and the wider university.

My interests are in the fields of International Business and Politics. The focus of my current teaching and research is in the study of global governance, European business and politics and Italian Areas Studies.

I have taught on a wide range of courses at the university at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels and acted as course leader for a number of programmes. I was for a period a visiting lecturer and the Universities of Turin and Pisa in Italy.

I have been an external examiner at universities in the UK and business schools in Spain



1973 B.A (Hons) Politics and Economics (University of Leeds)

1975 M.A. Comparative Government and Politics

Membership of Professional Bodies

Association for the Study of Modern Italy


Global Political Risk

Italian Government and Politics


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Spence, R.

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Spence R,  (1993) Institutional Reform in Italy: The Case of Local Government. Journal Of Local Government Studies.

Spence, R (1996) Concorenza Amministrativa nella Sistema Sanitaria. Rivista Trimestrale di Scienza dell'Amministrazione


B.A Business Studies
B.A International Business
B.A International Business with Languages
MSc International Business and Management

Global Risk Analysis
Contemporary Issues in International Business
Business In the European Community

Book chapters

Spence, R. (2014). Administrative Reform in Italy. In Chandler, J.A. (Ed.) Comparative Public Administration. (2nd). (pp. 97-123). Abingdon: Routledge

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