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Hywel Jones

Dr Hywel Jones

Principal Research Fellow


Hywel is a principal research fellow in the Materials and Engineering Research Institute. He works across traditional disciplines to create solutions to industrially relevant problems through the use of his materials science knowledge. He has been a co-founder and director of 2 spin out companies, XeraCarb Ltd and Mikana Innovations Ltd to exploit his research outputs.

His work has been funded by the UK research councils and by UK Ministry of Defence as well as by private companies.

He has delivered many hundreds of consultancy projects for industrial customers delivering vital problem solving and product development services using material science expertise which have generated or saved many millions of pounds of industrial revenue.

His research is focussed in a number of areas:

  1. Ceramic Composites
  2. Tribology (Wear and Friction)
  3. Armour and Ballistics
  4. Precious Metals and Decorative Alloys
  5. Friction Stir Welding and Processing
  6. Electronic Waste and Recycling (Closed Loop Economy and Mobile Phones) – What’s In My Stuff
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