Vahid Nekouie

Dr Vahid Nekouie BSc, MSc, PhD, CEng MIMechE

Lecturer in Manufacturing Engineering


I am a lecturer in Manufacturing Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University. I hold a PhD in Mechanics of Materials and possess extensive knowledge in both conventional and advanced manufacturing processes. My main research expertise lies in process development and materials development, specifically for metals and ceramic materials.


I hold a PhD in Mechanics of Materials and possess extensive knowledge in both conventional and advanced manufacturing process. Additionally, I specialize in process development, materials characterisation, powder processing, experimental mechanics, and project management. Prior to joining SHU, I was working as a Technical Lead in Advanced Manufacturing Processes in Henry Royce Institute (The University of Sheffield). I have been involved in various project related to advanced manufacturing technology and materials science such as “Optimisation of Hot Isotropic Press (HIP) parameters for Additively Manufactured components" and Developed spheroidisation process of glass powder with various composition”. I provided technical consultation on diverse matters, including experimental design, procedures, and result analysis. As a PDRA at Loughborough University, My work focused on investigating the impact of casting parameters on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) in comparison with Grey Iron (GI), in collaboration with G&W ltd and Caterpillar Co.

Specialist areas of interest:

- Additive Manufacturing and 3D-Printing

- Process and Materials Development

- Advanced characterization techniques including Advanced Electron Microscopy

-High-Value Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and Digital Manufacturing


Department of Engineering and Mathematics

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Subject area:

  • Energy, Infrastructure, Environment

Courses taught:

  • BEng Materials Technology (DA)
  • BEng/MEng Automotive Engineering
  • BEng/MEng Mechanical Engineering
  • BEng/MEng Aerospace Engineering
  • BEng Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • BEng Electrical and Electronic Eng

Modules taught:

  • Concept of Mechanics for EEE
  • Materials and Manufacturing Engineering (FT and DA)
  • Aerospace Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • Materials Science
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Microstructural Engineering
  • BEng Individual project modules
  • MEng group project modules
  • MSc projects modules


Current Research project :

1- Additive manufacturing of Thermally conductive composites, Feb 2024

2- Rapid prototyping of ceramic filters using negative additive manufacturing, Nov 2023

3- Preparation and fabrication of HPMC/PCL polymer-based drug delivery and release analysis, Oct 2022

Research Publications and Outputs:

• R. Unnikrishnan, J. Gardy, BF Spencer, R. Kurinjimala, A. Dey, V. Nekouie, Functionalisation of metallic powder for performance enhancement, Materials & Design, 211, 110900, 2022

• M. Pacella, V. Nekouie, A. Badiee, Surface engineering of ultra-hard polycrystalline structures using a nanosecond Yb fibre laser: Effect of process parameters on microstructure, hardness and surface finish, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 266, 311-328, 2019.

• G. Abeygunawardane-arachchige, V. Nekouie, Experimental and computational analysis of initiation and propagation of shear bands in bulk metallic glasses, Materials Research Express 6 (7), 075207, 2019.

• V. Nekouie, S. Doak, A. Roy, V.V. Silberschmidt, Experimental studies of shear bands in Zr-Cu metallic glass, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 484, 40-48, 2018. [Impact Factor:4.45]

• L. Qian, F. Xu, K.T. Voisey, V. Nekouie, Z. Zhou, V.V. Silberschmidt, X. Hou, Incorporation and evolution of ZrO2 nano-particles in Pt-modified aluminide coating for high temperature applications, Surface and Coatings Technology, 311, 238-247, 2017.

• V. Nekouie, G. Abeygunawardane-arachchige, U. Kuhn, A. Roy, and V.V. Silberschmidt, Indentation-induced deformation localisation in Zr-based metallic glass, Journal of alloys and compounds, 2013.

• V. Nekouie, A. Roy, and V.V. Silberschmidt, Indentation study of mechanical behaviour of Zr-Cu-based metallic glass, Conference Series, APM, 2015.

• V. Nekouie, U. Kuhn, A. Roy and V.V. Silberschmidt, Quasi-static and dynamic deformation of Zr-based bulk metallic glass, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 451-55, 2013

Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), AM-COE Ltd, Mantec Technical Ceramic, Lucideon Ltd, University of Sheffield, Henry Royce Institute, Loughborough University.


Journal articles

Minkiewicz, J., Jones, G.M., Ghanizadeh, S., Bostanchi, S., Wasely, T.J., Yamini, S.A., & Nekouie, V. (2023). Large-scale manufacturing of solid-state electrolytes: Challenges, progress, and prospects. Open Ceramics, 16.

Abeygunawardana-Arachchige, G., Nekouie, V., & Bell, A. (2019). Experimental and computational analysis of initiation and propagation of shear bands in bulk metallic glasses. Materials Research Express, 6 (7).

Unnikrishnan, R., Gardy, J., Spencer, B.F., Kurinjimala, R., Dey, A., Nekouie, V., ... Preuss, M. (n.d.). Functionalization of metallic powder for performance enhancement. Materials & Design.

Postgraduate supervision


- PhD and research students in 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing

- MSc and postgraduate students in 3D Printing, Material Characterisation, Process/Product Design- - BSc dissertation on Process and Materials Development, Materials Characterisation

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