Andrew Watson

Mr Andrew Watson LLB, MA, MPhil( Cantab) PhD. FRSA.

Senior Research Fellow


Senior Research Fellow, Department of Law and Criminology, Sheffield Hallam University, Former Associate Professor University of Law , London, Former Associate Professor Niigata University, Japan. Previously Senior Lecturer, Inns of Court School of Law/City University, London.


I joined the Department in February, 2014 having previously taught for over ten years at the College of Law in Bloomsbury and Moorgate, London, where I became an Associate Professor. I taught at the Inns of Court School of Law (now City University) for a similar number of years. I was an Associate Professor at Niigata University, Japan and a Research Fellow at Chuo, Tokyo Metropolitan, Doshisha and Osaka City Universities. In the United States I was a Visiting Lecturer at Roger Williams University, Rhode Island and Harvard University, where I also undertook supervised research. In Britain I was a visiting lecturer at Boston University (Kensington, London), Greenwich University, the School of African and Oriental Studies ("SOAS"), London and Cambridge University. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Earlier in life I was a barrister with a tenancy at 1 Gray's Inn Square (formerly the Chambers of Mr Malcolm Weisman then of Mr Carl Teper), and also worked as a solicitor in a law centre in central London. Before my current research role at SHU I taught a number of modules including Public Law, Administrative, Mooting and Contract.

Principal subjects are Public Law, Criminal Law, English Legal System and components, including oral skills and civil and criminal procedure, on professional vocational courses - the Legal Practice Course, for solicitors, and the Bar Professional Training Course. I have commenced teaching on the Mooting Module, the Law and Community Module and the Law and Corporate Governance Module.


Department Of Law and Criminology

College of Social Sciences and Arts




English Legal History, particularly evolution of court advocacy since the 17th Century; the history of a mixed judge and jury system in Japan; the way western laws were received, or resisted, in Japan, China and the Ottoman Empire in the Long Nineteenth Century; changes in Japanese legal education; probation in Japan; the debate in that country about the age of criminal adulthood; Scottish Independence/Separatism/ Nationalism and constitutions; aspects of the legal profession and of legal education in England and Wales; Jewish Studies and History; mental health and wellbeing, especially in academic institutions.

Universities in Japan including Doshisha, Kyoto, Osaka City, Osaka Jogakuin University and Chuo.



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Book chapters

Watson, A. (2006). Popular involvement in criminal justice: Should the jury return to Japan? And the question of mixed courts. In Marutschke, H.P. (Ed.) Laienrichter in Japan, Deutschland und Europa. (pp. 110-186). Berlin: Berliner Wissenschaft-Verlag


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