Dawn Reasbeck

Dawn Reasbeck

Senior Lecturer


I am first and foremost a nurse and I have been involved in the education of nurses for a number of years. I have worked at Sheffield Hallam University since 2006 and am a committed member of the Nursing and Midwifery Department.


I have been involved in the design and delivery of teaching programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level and have held a number of lead roles at different universities. I am currently involved in student recruitment and work in partnership with clinicians in a local NHS Foundation Trust to ensure appropriate education and assessment of students. I have support students on a range of courses over the years and would like to think I provide innovative, interesting and up-to- date teaching and have the skills and knowledge essential for managing the complexities of my role. I receive positive feedback from students and have been nominated on a number of occasions for an Inspirational Teacher Award. I am a Disability Co-ordinator and also have the role of APEL supervisor for the Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing. My Masters degree is in Critical Care and I maintain my interest in this area. I hold an appropriate teaching qualification and aim to provide a positive learning environment and contribute positively to the overall student experience

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