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Adil Elfakir PhD, BBA

Senior Lecturer


I have accumulated many years in financial expertise and consultancy.  I have three years of senior financial consultancy at Fineopolis Consulting Institute (Now Member of IFFAS group Paris).  I have 3 years of laboratory experiments trainings in financial modeling as part of the Laboratory of Research and studies in Applied Mathematics (LERMA-IFE Lab) of EMI School of Engineering. In parallel, I have served, since 2007 as a senior industrial financial consultant for IMEX-First group Maroc, and , from 2005-2007 as a senior financial consultant for Nextus-Maroc, dealing with Insurance products and firms financial restructuring.

I have over 12 years experience of teaching at higher education level for both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

From January 2006 to 2009, I was a Lecturer and Course Leader of Finance related courses of the University of Sunderland (Campus: Superior Institute of Sciences and Technology).

From September 2009 to January 2018 I was a Senior Lecturer of Finance and Head of finance pathway of Cardiff Metropolitan University programs (Campus: Associate College SIST). In the same period I was the Director of Studies responsible for Cardiff Metropolitan University undergraduate and postgraduate program accreditation within the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education and the QAA authority.

Since 2006, I worked as an Associate Professor at the International institute of Higher Education in Morocco, IIHEM (Partner of Virginia Commonwealth University,USA) lecturing on different subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate Level : Corporate Finance , Financial and Managerial Accounting , Engineering Economics ,Financial modeling, international finance and Megers and acquisitions.


In parallel to my teaching expertise, I was since 2014 a Research Fellow at “the Laboratory of Research and Studies in Applied Mathematics (LERMA)” and “the Laboratory of Islamic Financial Engineering (IFE-Lab) of EMI School of Engineering. The Latter is the first of its kind in terms of modeling Islamic financial products and wholly sponsored by the Islamic Bank of Development.



  • 2017: PhD in Engineering Sciences: Modelling and Scientific Computing in Finance, Mohammadia School of Engineering ( EMI ), Morocco
  • 2015: IBQ (Islamic Banking Qualification), Al Maali Institute, United Arab Emirates
  • 2003: Master of Science in Financial Economics, Brunel University
  • 2000: BBA in Finance, Al Akhawayn University, Morocco

Member of professional body


  • 2000: , Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), United Kingdom

Programme or Unit leadership

Module Leader

  • 2018: , Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Senior Lecturer

Teaching expertise

  • Finance and Banking
  • Financial Accounting and Management Accounting


  • Game theory, agent based simulation and their appliactions to financial contracting
  • Islamic Finance , Behavioural finance , Entrepreneurship finance,


Department of Finance, Accounting and Business Systems

Sheffield Business School

Finance and Banking


Journal articles

El Fakir, A., Tkiouat, M., Fairchild, R., & Pakgohar, A. (2021). Can Real Options Reduce Moral Hazards in Profit and Loss Sharing Contracts?: A Behavioural Approach Using Game Theory and Agent Based Simulation. Journal of Islamic Business and Management, 10 (2), 284-302.

El Fakir, A., Fairchild, R., Tkiouat, M., & Taamouti, A. (2021). A bargaining model for PLS entrepreneurial financing: A game theoretic model using agent-based simulation. International Journal of Finance and Economics.

Fairchild, R., Ian, C., & Elfakir, A. (2019). A development bank choice of private equity partner: A behavioural game theoretic approach. European journal of finance.

Elfakir, A., Fairchild, R., & Tkiouat, M. (2019). A hybrid profit and loss sharing model using interest free debt and equity financing : an application of game theory as a decision tool. North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 49, 352-360.

Elfakir, A., & Tkiouat, M. (2019). Adverse selection and moral hazards reduction in corporate financing: A mechanism design model for PLS contracts. Annals of economics and finance, 20 (1), 163-179.

Elfakir, A., Richard, F., & Mohamed, T. (2019). A Hybrid Profit and Loss Sharing Model Using Interest Free-Debt and EquityFinancing: An Application of Game Theory as a Decision Tool. The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 49, 352-360.

El Fakir, A., & Tkiouat, M. (2018). PLS ratios negotiability: A repeated game incentive mechanism approach. Corporate Board: role, duties and composition, 14 (3), 7-14.

El Fakir, A., & Tkiouat, M. (2016). Profit and loss sharing contracts as a prisoners dilemma: An agent based simulation with game theory application to participative finance. Corporate Ownership and Control, 13 (4), 520-525.

ELFAKIR, A.D.I.L. (2016). The behavioral and social implications of sequential grouplending: A multi-agent comparative approach between romca, debt financing and rosca. .

El Fakir, A., & Tkiouat, M. (2016). The behavioral and social implications of sequential groupLending: A multi-agent comparative approach between ROMCA, debt financing and ROSCA. Journal of Applied Economic Sciences, 11 (2), 307-309.

Elfakir, A., & Tkiouat, M. (2016). Single or menu contracting: A game theory application of the hersanyi model to Mudaraba financing. International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues, 6 (1), 221-230.

ELFakir, A., & Tkiouat, M. (2016). A multiagent game theoretical approach to adverse selection in corporate financing. Investment Management and Financial Innovations, 13 (2), 292-299.

Fakir, A.E.L., & Tkiouat, M. (2016). Profit and loss sharing contracts as a prisoners dilemma: An agent based simulation with game theory application to participative finance. Corporate Ownership and Control, 13 (4Cont3), 520-525.

Elfakir, A., & Tkiouat, M. (2015). New projects sharing ratios under musharakah financing: A repeated game theoretical approach using an output versus a proposed effort based contract. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 12 (9), 654-662.

El Fakir, A., & Tkiouat, M. (2015). An incentive mechanism game theory approach to musharakah contracts. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 3 (4), 736-752.

Conference papers

El Fakir, A., Lamrani Alaoui, Y., & Tkiouat, M. (2021). Entrepreneurial Bankruptcies and Moral Hazards at the times of prosperity and Crisis: An Artificial Intelligence Model Application to PLS and Debt Financing. In BAM 2021, Lancaster University, 2021 - 3 September 2021. British Academy of Management:

Elfakir, A., Lamrani Alaoui, Y., Tkiouat, M., & Amer, Z. (2020). Moral Hazard Reduction in Entrepreneurial FinancingAn application to Profit and Loss Sharing Contracts. British Academy of Management Proceedings 2020.

Elfakir, A., Tkiouat, M., Pakgohara, A., & Fairchild, R. (2020). Can Real Options Reduce Moral hazards in Profit and Losssharing contracts?: A Behavioural Approach Using GameTheory and Agent Based Simulation (Abstract only). In British Accounting and Finance Association.

Elfakir, A., & Tkiouat, M. (2019). Does Empathy Matter in Entrepreneurial Financing? A Dynamic Game Theoretic Mode (abstract only). In Béatrice, B.-.R., de Gardelle, V., Jacquemet, N., Mandel, A., & Vergnaud, J.-.C. (Eds.) ECBA 2019 : Entrepreneurship: Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches Workshop, Paris, France, 12 September 2019 - 13 September 2019. Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne

Elfakir, A., Lamrani Alaoui, Y., & Tkiouat, M. (2020). Projects Selection in Donation-based-Crowdfunding: A Fuzzy Agent based Simulation. In Ezziyyani, M. (Ed.) the International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Developmentonference on Advanced Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Development, Tangier , Morocco, 2020 - 3 January 2020. Springer

Book chapters

Elfakir, A., Tkiouat, M., & Allam, K. (2019). Entrepreneurial financing under uncertainty : Performance comparison between ROMCA and conventional microloans using agent based simulation. In BAM2019 Conference Proceedings. British Academy of Management:


Elfakir, A., & Tkiouat, M. (2019). Profit and loss Sharing Negotiations involving a VC and an entrepreneur: A Game Theoretic Approach with Agent Based Simulation [abstract only]. Presented at: British Accounting and Finance Association Annual Conference, Birmingham, UK, 2019

Elfakir, A., & Tkiouat, M. (2018). Moral Hazards reduction in PLS Contracts. Presented at: Entrepreneurship: Behavioural and Cognitive approaches Workshops, 2018

Elfakir, A., & Tkiouat, M. (2018). Profit ratio Negotiability model in Entrepreneurial Financing Using Game Theory and Agent Based Simulation as an Aid to Decision Making. Presented at: British Academy of Managment, 2018

ELFAKIR, A.D.I.L. (2016). Risk Control Using Real Options by Financial institutions: An application of game theory to PLS Contracts.

ELFAKIR, A.D.I.L. (2016). Some applications of agent based modelling in participative finance.

ELFAKIR, A.D.I.L. (2016). Reducing Asymmetric Information Using a Hybrid Profit and Loss sharing Mode.

ELFAKIR, A.D.I.L. (2016). Corporate Participative Financing: An engineering approach using Agent Based Simulation and Game Theory Approach.

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