Harriet Earle

Dr Harriet EH Earle FHEA, PhD

Senior Lecturer in English and Creative Writing


I joined the Department of Humanities as a Lecturer in English and Creative Writing in 2017. I teach on BA Creative Writing and BA English. My research focuses on representations of conflict and trauma in visual culture, especially comics. I investigate the ways in which conflict and violence can be represented on the page and how this helps us to understand PTSD and trauma. I am the author of Comics: An Introduction (2020) and Comics, Trauma, and the New Art of War (2017).



I am a comics and pop culture scholar, with special interest in representations of trauma, conflict, and violence. I have published a range of papers and books on the topic. I am the editor of Global Perspectives in Comics Studies, which publishes a broad sweep of books on comics as an international form. Since 2020, I have worked with the Centre for War, Atrocity, and Genocide at Nipissing University in Canada, where I am a research fellow.

Although I am primarily a theoretician, I teach on the Creative Writing BA and very much enjoy bringing my research into the practical arena. I’m interested in socially-engaged writing and the ways in which we can use our creative outputs as tools for social engagement and social change, a theme that comes through in all my teaching.


Specialist areas of interest

Writing with images
Socially-engaged writing
Comics studies
Representations of traumatic experience and violence
Science Fiction
Conflict and war narratives


Subject area


Courses taught:

- BA Creative Writing  
- BA English

Modules taught:

 - Writing Live (Level 4)
 - Creative Non-Fiction (Level 5)
 - Counterculture and Creativity (Level 6)
 - The Contemporary Writer (MA)


I am writing my third monograph, on the Vietnam War in American comics. It will be a comprehensive study of the ways in which comics from 1945 to the present day have engaged with the USA’s longest war.

I am also working on an edited collection on the Netflix series BoJack Horseman and several smaller projects on PTSD in comics and television.  All of my research aims to answer the question 'so what'? I want to write about why we should care about these issues. What is it about the current climate that makes comics important documents in the wider discussions of people and politics?


The Centre for War, Atrocity, and Genocide at Nipissing University, Canada




Journal articles

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Earle, H. (n.d.). ‘And Babies?’: The Representation of Mỹ Lai in Vietnam War Comics. Amerikastudien.

Book chapters

Earle, H. (2023). ‘Art Imitating Life: Affect and the Aesthetic of Trauma in Holocaust Comics and Cinema’. In Artful Breakdowns: The Comics of Art Spiegelman. Univ. Press of Mississippi

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Other activities

Editorial Board - The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics
Editor - Global Perspectives in Comics Studies


Postgraduate supervision

PhD in History and Visual Narratives (2nd supervisor)

Graphic narratives and comics
Literatures of war and violence


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