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Natalie Wilmot

Natalie Wilmot

Senior Lecturer


I am a senior lecturer in the International Business subject group.

Prior to joining the university, my professional background was in export sales and global supply chain management, during which time I worked extensively with organisations in Spain and South America.

My doctoral research examined the impact of language diversity in international supply chain management, and my current research interests are concerned with various aspects of language diversity and translation work in the context of international business.

I teach on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules, dealing primarily with topics related to Cross-Cultural Management and Global Supply Chain Management, and I am the Course Leader for the Executive MBA.

In addition to being a Member of the Institute of Export and International Trade, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, I also hold the position of Treasurer for GEM&L (Groupe d'Etudes Management et Langage), an international, interdisciplinary scholarly body which brings together academics interested in language issues in management. In 2018 I was also appointed as Visiting Professor at the University of Bordeaux.

  • About


    • 2017: PhD Foreign Languages in the International Supply Chain Relationships of UK SMEs, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
    • 2017: Doctor of Philosophy, International Business, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
    • 2013: Post Graduate Certificate, Learning and Teaching, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
    • 2012: MSc Leadership and Management, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
    • 2010: BA Business and Management, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

    Senior Lecturer

  • Teaching

    Sheffield Business School

    International Business

  • Publications

    Journal article: WILMOT, N. (2017), 'Language and the Faces of Power: A Theoretical Framework for the Relationship', International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, vol 17, no 1, pp. 85-100

    Journal article: WILMOT, N. RUSHTON, D. (2016), 'Reaching Across Continents:  Engaging Students through Virtual Collaborations', Higher Education Pedagogies Journal, vol 1, no 1, pp. 121-139

    Book chapter: WILMOT, N. RUSHTON, D. Middleton, A. WARWICK, S. (2015), 'Using social video to capture reflective voices' Smart Learning, Andrew Middleton eds, Media Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group (MELSIG), pp. 216-224

    Book chapter: PHAM, T. DARABI, F. WILMOT, N. (2015), 'International Supply Chain Case Study' Handbook of Research on Global Supply Chain Management, Brian Christiansen eds, IGI Global, pp. 205-226

    Conference Paper: WILMOT, N. (2017), 'The Importance of Luck, Chance, and Bricolage in the Language Management Practices of British SMEs'. Paper presented at 11th GEM&L Colloquium

    Conference Paper: WILMOT, N. (2017), 'Anarchy in the UK: How do British SMEs Manage Linguistic Diversity'. Paper presented at 33rd EGOS Colloquium

    Conference Paper: WILMOT, N. (2016), 'Linguistic and Organisational Boundary Crossing in International Supply Chains: Opening the Black Box of Translation Processes'. Paper presented at 10th GEM&L Colloquium

    Conference Paper: WILMOT, N. (2016), 'Indonesian Mythology enabling 21st century business students to balance strategic and relationship challenges'. Paper presented at Edulearn Conference 2016

    Conference Paper: Wilmot, N. (2015), 'Language and the Faces of Power: A Theoretical Approach'. Paper presented at 9th GEM&L Conference - Language in Global Management and Business

    Conference Paper: Wilmot, N. (2014), 'Language Diversity in international Supply Chain Relationships of SMEs'. Paper presented at Language and Company Performance, 8th International GEM&L conference, Toulouse.

    Conference Paper: WILMOT, N. RUSHTON, D. (2014), 'Reaching Across Continents: Enabling Undergraduates of International Business to develop their cross cultural management skills through mobile devices'. Paper presented at 14th Edulearn Conference, Barcelona.

    Conference Paper: Wilmot, N. (2013), 'Business English as a Lingua Franca and its Impact on Professional Identity'. Paper presented at Intercultural Communication in the Workplace and Classroom

    Conference Paper: Wilmot, N. (2013), 'Professional Identity and Language Competence: A Theoretical Framework for the Relationship'. Paper presented at Identities, Languages and Company Cultures: Cohesion Through Diversity? 7th International GEM&L conference

  • Other activities


    • 2015: Aalto University That's Interesting! Award, Aalto University, Finland

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