Nathaniel Pickering

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Nathaniel Pickering

Lecturer Research Evaluation and Student Engagement


Pickering, N. (2019). No such thing as a free lunch: widening participation in English higher education for those on free school meals. Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning, 21 (3), 57-80.

Austen, L., Heaton, C., Jones-Devitt, S., & Pickering, N. (2017). Why is the BME attainment gap such a wicked problem? The Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change, 3 (1).

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Conference papers

Pickering, N. (2022). The value of second chances: Reflections of current undergraduate students on their foundation year experience. In The 2022 Foundation Year Network Conference, Aston University, 11 July 2022 - 12 July 2022.

Book chapters

Austen, L., Pickering, N., & Donnelly, A. (2023). Researching and evaluating student engagement – a methodological critique of data gathering approaches. In Lowe, T. (Ed.) Advancing Student Engagement in Higher Education: Reflection, critique and challenge. Routledge

Jones-Devitt, S., Pickering, N., Austen, L., & Donnelly, A. (2020). Still the pedagogy of the oppressed? Going beyond the Hidden Curriculum to reimagine effective higher education provision for estranged and care experienced students. In Hinchcliffe, T. (Ed.) The Hidden Curriculum of Higher Education. (pp. 77-92). AdvanceHE


Austen, L., Hodgson, R., Heaton, C., Pickering, N., & Dickinson, J. (2021). Access, retention, attainment, progression – an integrative literature review. AdvanceHE.

Austen, L., Hodgson, R., Heaton, C., Pickering, N., & Dickinson, J. (2021). Access, retention, attainment and progression: an integrative review of demonstrable impact on student outcomes. Advance HE.

Pickering, N., & Donnelly, A. (2021). A process evaluation of phase two of the higher education progression partnership South Yorkshire (HeppSY). HeppSY.

Stevenson, J., Baker, Z., Harrison, N., Bland, B., Jones-Devitt, S., Donnelly, A., ... Austen, L. (2020). Positive Impact? What factors affect access, retention and graduate outcomes for university students with a background of care or family estrangement? Unite Foundation.

Jones-Devitt, S., Pickering, N., Austen, L., Donnelly, A., Adesola, J., & weston, A. (2019). Evaluation of the National Mixed Methods Learning Gain Project (NMMLGP) and Student Perceptions of Learning Gain. Bristol: Office for Students.

Jones, M., & Pickering, N. (2018). Learning gain - annotated bibliography. Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University.


Austen, L., Jones-Devitt, S., Pickering, N., Donnelly, A., Weston, A., & Adesola, J. (2020). NMMLGP evaluation and student engagement. Presented at: Learning Gain National Conference, Birmingham

Pickering, N. (2019). A critical pedagogy approach to understanding equity and equality in the transnational higher education sector. Presented at: SRHE Newer & Early Career Researchers Conference, Newport, Wales, 2019

Austen, L., Pickering, N., & Judge, M. (2019). Digital storytelling student reflections on the transition into higher education. Presented at: Foundation Year Annual Conference 2019, Brighton

Austen, L., Pickering, N., Jones-Devitt, S., & Donnelly, A. (2018). Institutional considerations for learning gain projects and beyond. Presented at: National Learning Gain Conference, Birmingham

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