Dr Iain Fielden

Dr Iain Fielden

Research Consultant


Dr Iain Fielden brings 25 years of experience in Engineering Expert Witness and structural integrity. Iain joined SHU in 2006 as a post-graduate tutor, contributing to material science and engineering subjects. Iain is also a research consultant for Materials Analysis and Research Services and Structural Materials and Integrity Research Centre


Iain's PhD focused on metallurgy and electro microscopy and has gained subsequent expertise. 
Iain gained a BEng degree in Materials Analysis from Sheffield Hallam University in 1999. He remained at SHU to complete his PhD studies in metallurgy. Iain's main expertise is with failure investigation and microscopy although experienced in other forms of material analysis. During his time at SHU, Iain taught several modules in material engineering and forensic engineering at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

Now working principally in consultancy for failure investigations and engineering expert witness. With his expertise, Iain is also involved in delivering the Forensic Investigation of Lightbulbs course.

  • Materials Engineering 
  • Structural Materials 
  • Failure Investigation 
  • Metallurgy


Journal articles

Zöllner, D., Streitenberger, P., & Fielden, I. (2012). The Kinetics of Individual Grains in Polycrystalline Materials. Practical Metallography, 49 (7), 428-445. http://doi.org/10.3139/147.110192

Fielden, I. (2004). Results from in-situ, real-time SEM observations of grain growth in polycrystalline metal. Recrystallization and Grain Growth, Pts 1 and 2, 467-47, 875-880.

Reynolds, L., Fielden, I., Still, K., & Stewart, I. (1999). "Cuppy" wire - A question of seismology? Wire Industry, 66 (792), 677-679.

Conference papers

Jones, A.H., Barnes-Warden, J., & Fielden, I. (2018). Determination of the Cause of the Differing Ballistic Performance of 9mm DM11 Bullets from Two Manufacturers. Proceedings of the 14th Personal Armour Systems Symposium 2018. http://ipac-pass.org/

Fielden, I., Bultreys, D., & Vystavel, T. (2007). In-situ focussed ion beam (FIB) microscopy at high temperature. In Institute of Physics conference series. Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group (EMAG) 2007, Glasgow, Scotland, 3 September 2007 - 7 September 2007.

Fielden, I., Cawley, J., & Rodenburg, J.M. (2004). Backscattered SEM imaging of high-temperature samples for grain growth studies in metals. Electron microscopy and analysis, (179), 181-184.

Fielden, I., & Rodenburg, J.M. (2004). A technique for real-time, in situ SEM observation of grain growth at elevated temperatures. Materials science forum, 467-47, 1385-1388. http://www.scientific.net/0-87849-952-0/1385

Fielden, I. (2004). Results from in-situ, real-time SEM observations on grain growth in polycrystalline metal. Materials science forum, 467-47, 875-880. http://www.scientific.net/0-87849-952-0/875/

Other activities

Fellow of Microscopical Society 

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