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Dr Shuchi Vaishnav

Postdoctoral Researcher


Shuchi joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2013 to pursue PhD in Material Science and took the role as a postdoctoral researcher after completion of her degree in 2018. Her PhD focused on structural characterisation of several silicate, borosilicate and radioactive waste glass compositions using a range of spectroscopic techniques for enhanced nuclear waste immobilisation.

Shuchi’s current research aims at development of modified vitrified nuclear waste hosts with high radionuclide incorporation capacities.


Shuchi holds a M.S. in Nuclear Reactor Engineering from INSTN, CEA Saclay, France and a M.Tech  in Nuclear Science & Tecnhology from Department of Atomic Energy, India. She worked as a radiation modeling researcher at EDF R&D Lab Renardières in 2012 prior to joining Sheffield Hallam University in 2013, for her PhD. During her time at SHU, she briefly served as an Associate Lecturer, delivering undergraduate lab modules for material science and mechanical engineering courses. Her current interest lies in development of fundamental relationships between structure and composition of various glass systems through a combination of various characterisation techniques.

  • Glass & Glass Ceramics
  • Radioactive Waste Immobilisation
  • Radiation Damage
  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • 2D MAS-NMR
  • Neutron Diffraction of amorphous materials


College of Business, Technology and Engineering


Dr. Alex Hannon, ISIS Pulsed Neutron Facility; Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK

Prof. Steve Feller, Coe College, Cedar Rapids, United States


Journal articles

Bell, A.M.T., Backhouse, D.J., Deng, W., Eales, J.D., Kilinc, E., Love, K., ... Bingham, P.A. (2020). X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of Feldspars and Silicate Glass: Effects of Melting Time on Fused Bead Consistency and Volatilisation. Minerals, 10 (5), e442.

Vaishnav, S., Hannon, A., Barney, E., & Bingham, P. (2020). Neutron diffraction and Raman studies of the incorporation of sulfate in silicate glasses. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124 (9), 5409-5424.

Mary, N., Rebours, M., Castel, E., Vaishnav, S., Deng, W., Bell, A., ... Bingham, P. (2018). Enhanced thermal stability of high-bismuth borate glasses by addition of iron. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids.

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