Dean Petters

Dr Dean Petters

Senior Lecturer in Psychology


 My current teaching is focused around Cognitive Psychology (emotion and cognition, decision making, problem solving, vision, consciousness, cognitive aspects of cyberpsychology); and Attachment Theory (social and emotional development, caregiving, attachment-based therapies, and romantic relationships.). I supervise research projects in: Attachment Theory.



In 2006 I gained a PhD in Cognitive Science (in Computer Science) from University of Birmingham. This involved computational modelling of infant-mother attachment using autonomous agents. Since then I have developed this research and in March 2019 I received the Bowlby-Ainsworth award for research in Attachment Theory. For explorations into the history, requirements, and prospects for computational modelling of human attachment. The Bowlby-Ainsworth award program was initiated fifteen years ago to recognise and promote contributions to John Bowlby's and Mary Ainsworth's ground-breaking work on the nature of human attachment relationships.

After my PhD I undertook postdoctoral research in visual object recognition (involving empirical work and computational modelling using artificial neural networks); research in technology enhanced learning (especially open learner modelling and learning activity visualisation); and research on social competency training for autistic and typically developing children using shared active surfaces and virtual reality games. I have lectured in core psychology areas ranging from cognitive and biological psychology to social and developmental psychology. Plus also developed teaching material in Cyberpsychology and Psychopathology. 

Before starting at Sheffield Hallam University I have tutored with the Open University and lectured at University of Birmingham, Newman University, University of Northampton, Birmingham City University, University of Wolverhampton, and with a short stint as Programme Team Leader for Psychology at Arden University – responsible for the suite of 7 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in psychology. In my teaching I have got involved in developing e-learning materials.  This includes at Birmingham City University acting as Faculty Academic Lead for Technology Enhanced learning. and Faculty Academic Lead for Curriculum Development.



College of Social Sciences and Arts


Journal articles

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Conference papers

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