Melvyn Ternan

Melvyn F Ternan FHEA

Senior Lecturer


I have previously worked in the animation industry across many disciplines, techniques and sectors. My main subject areas are pre-production for animation, project management, stop motion production and post production.



My taught subjects include stop motion animation, animation project development and production and experimental stop motion. In 2013 my first book, Stop Motion Animation, was published by Barrons educational books and translated into six different languages for sale around the world. My research areas include production temporality, animation technique, idea genesis and animation method identification.

I previously worked as a studio animator and compositor for many years, co-founding two animation studios in Bristol before working as a freelance animator and project facilitator. During my time as a freelancer, I worked on over 150 projects covering animation, live action, online production and media distribution. I also work as a voice artist on short, award winning animations.

Since working at Sheffield Hallam University, I have realised a hidden passion for teaching animation, for helping others grow their understanding and development of this creative art form. I am honoured to have been one of the recipients of the Sheffield Hallam University Inspirational Teaching award in 2017 as well as being recipient of the college level award in 2012, 2018 and 2021.

Specialist areas of interest

Pre-Production for Animation
Stop Motion Animation
Visual Techniques within Animation
Post-Production for Animation and Animation Project Management

Melvyn also enjoys studying idea genesis, technique identification and enjoying the freedom of his motorbike.


Department of Media Arts and Communication

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Animation and Digital Media Production


BA (Honours) Animation


Modules taught: 

Stop motion animation foundation
Showreel project
Major animation project
Stop motion experimental animation


Internet Publications

Ternan, M. (2023). The Wrong Trousers: why the Wallace and Gromit animation is still a family favourite 30 years later.


Watson, A., Lee, J., Gent, S., Ternan, M., Parkin, M., Robinson, A., & Robinson, S. (2015). Showreel for Media Arts Walking Research Group. [DVD]. Sheffield Hallam University:


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Ternan, M. (2019). Say What? Dialogue animation by hearing-impaired students: challenges and opportunities. Presented at: Educating Animators Conference 2019, Salford, UK, 2019

Ternan, M. (2019). Pedagogical benefits of discontinued animation methodology. Presented at: LTA Conference 2019, Sheffield, UK, 2019

Ternan, M., & Fedotova, O. (2018). Anticipatory Action in Creative Media Education - Dialogue Animation by Hearing Impaired Students. Presented at: MES18, Hong Kong

Ternan, M., Doncaster, A., Powell, A., & Jones, M. (2016). When these university staff utilised Facebook for an entire year - no one expected what happened next. Presented at: 2016 Learning and Teaching Conference, Sheffield, UK, 2016

Ternan, M., & Bacchus, D. (2015). Traditional Animation Principles within Mobile App Development. Presented at: LTA Conference 2015, Sheffield, UK, 2015


Ternan, M. (2018). From reasonable adjustment to anticipatory action: engaging hearing impaired students into dialogue animation. Presented at: RAISE, Charles Street Building, Sheffield, 2018

Watson, A., Lee, J., Gent, S., Ternan, M., Parkin, M., Robinson, A., & Robinson, S. (2015). Poster for Media Arts Walking Research Group. Presented at: Where to? Steps towards the future of walking arts, Falmouth University, 2015

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