Ruwani Fernando

Dr Ruwani Fernando MSc, BA (Hons)

Lecturer in Criminology


I have worked at Sheffield Hallam University since February 2021. My expertise is in desistance from crime, rehabilitation, punishment in the community, international perspectives and qualitative research methods. I completed my PhD at the University of Sheffield in 2021. My doctoral thesis, entitled "Comparing Desistance Processes: A Cross-National Analysis of English and French Narratives", was supervised by Professor Stephen Farrall, Dr Cormac Behan and Dr David Thompson. The viva voce was examined by Professor Joanna Shapland and Professor Fergus McNeill. 



Prior to starting my PhD, I completed an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Edinburgh. I also worked as a researcher in the probation services in Paris, looking into the optimisation of probationer involvement with support services, including the third sector. During my PhD, I took part in a variety of projects in both England and France. I was a research assistant, working on a proposal to build a rehabilitation strategy for Bhutan. I advised the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council on the international literature on desistance from crime, for a report about the resettlement of prisoners into the community upon their release. 



Department Of Law and Criminology

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Subject Area



Modules taught:

Life Beyond Crime, Substance Use and Offending
Criminal Justice Compared
Deconstructing Research
Experiencing Custodial and Community Sentences


Journal articles

Fernando, R. (2021). Desistance from crime and probation supervision: Comparing experiences of English and French probationers. Probation Journal, 68 (2), 224-242.


Fernando, R. (n.d.). Comparing Pathways of Desistance. Routledge.

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