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Florian Wulfert

Dr Florian Wulfert PhD, BS, MS

Senior Lecturer


Florian joined the teaching team in August 2010 for all things mathematical/statistical within the department. Alongside the teaching of numerical skills, Florian is also very interested in the integration of new electronic and/or web-based teaching tools into the current curriculum.


Florian studied Chemistry first at the University of Bern (CH) and later at the University of Amsterdam, he then continued in Amsterdam with his PhD in Chemometrics. After that Florian worked for a research organisation (TNO, NL), academia (University of Nottingham, UK) as well as industry (Mars Petcare, UK), applying his chemometric skills in a variety of areas such as Systems Biology, Metabonomics, Process optimisation, Food Science, Sensometrics, Consumer studies, Product development etc… 


Module leader for Maths for the preparatory year, Professional and Scientific Practice (Year 1), Research Design and Dissemination (Masters), Research Methods and Statistics (Masters). Also teaching within various other modules and statistical support to students for their undergraduate and postgraduate research projects.


Journal articles

Heaton, C., Bury, C., Patel, E., Bradshaw, R., Wulfert, F., Heeren, R., ... Francese, S. (2020). Investigating sex determination through MALDI MS analysis of peptides and proteins in natural fingermarks through comprehensive statistical modelling. Forensic Chemistry, 20 (100271), 1-12.

Ferguson, L.S., Wulfert, F., Wolstenholme, R., Fonville, J.M., Clench, M., Carolan, V.A., & Francese, S. (2012). Direct detection of peptides and small proteins in fingermarks and determination of sex by MALDI mass spectrometry profiling. The Analyst, 137 (20), 4686-4692.

Wulfert, F., Sanyasi, G., Tongen, L., Watanabe, L.A., Wang, X., Renault, N.K., ... Alcocer, M.J.C. (2012). Prediction of tolerance in children with IgE mediated cow's milk allergy by microarray profiling and chemometric approach. Journal of Immunological Methods, 382 (1-2), 48-57.

Renault, N.K., Gaddipati, S.R., Wulfert, F., Falcone, F.H., Mirotti, L., Tighe, P.J., ... Alcocer, M.J.C. (2011). Multiple protein extract microarray for profiling human food-specific immunoglobulins A, M, G and E. Journal of Immunological Methods, 364 (1-2), 21-32.

Doucet, F.J., White, G.A., Wulfert, F., Hill, S.E., & Wiseman, J. (2010). Predicting in vivo starch digestibility coefficients in newly weaned piglets from in vitro assessment of diets using multivariate analysis. British Journal of Nutrition, 103 (09), 1309-1318.

Savage, A.K., Tucker, G., van Duynhoven, J.P.M., Wulfert, F., & Daykin, C.A. (2009). Nutrimetabolomics: development of a bio-identification toolbox to determine the bioactive compounds in grape juice. Bioanalysis, 1 (9), 1537-1549.

Wyche, K.P., Monks, P.S., Ellis, A.M., Cordell, R.L., Parker, A.E., Whyte, C., ... Wulfert, F. (2009). Gas phase precursors to anthropogenic secondary organic aerosol: detailed observations of 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene photooxidation. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 9 (2), 635-665.

Coolen, S.A., Daykin, C.A., van Duynhoven, J.P.M., van Dorsten, F.A., Wulfert, F., Mathot, J., ... Wijnen, M.H. (2008). Measurement of ischaemia-reperfusion in patients with intermittent claudication using NMR-based metabonomics. NMR in Biomedicine, 21 (7), 686-695.

Channell, G.A., Wulfert, F., & Taylor, A.J. (2008). Identification and monitoring of intermediates and products in the acrylamide pathway using online analysis. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 56 (15), 6097-6104.

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