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Mohammad Rezai

Dr Mohammad Rezai

Senior Lecturer in Business Computing, International Student Coordinator for the college and Link Tutor


I am a Mechanical Engineer by training who converted to computing a bit later in life. I joined the department as a lecturer in year 2000. Over the years, I have taught subjects across the curriculum though currently I am more active in teaching programming, web programming, web services, and databases.


I am also the International Student Coordinator for the college. More often than not, international students do not have much time to adjust to a new academic culture. I am responsible for making sure that our international students have a good transition into the student and academic community. I am also a link tutor for courses that our department franchises to colleges and other universities within UK and in other countries.

In my role as the international coordinator, I get to closely work with students to develop and deliver support where it is required. For this, a lot of the time I get help from other students and so please contact me if you'd like to get involved.

Teaching areas


web programming

web services



Department of Computing

College of Business, Technology and Engineering


Journal articles

Shadija, D., Rezai, M., & Hill, R. (2017). Towards an understanding of microservices. .

Hill, R., Shadija, D., & Rezai, M. (2017). Enabling Community Health Care with Microservices. .

Shadija, D., Rezai, M., & Hill, R. (2017). Microservices : granularity vs. performance. Companion Proceedings of the10th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing - UCC '17 Companion, 215-220.

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