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Dharmendra Shadija

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Dharmendra Shadija MSc, PGCHE, FHEA, BSc

Subject Group Leader for Business Information Systems & Technology


I teach modules on Bachelors and Masters course subjects ranging from Web Based information systems, Database systems, e-business, technology based subject such as Web Development using J2EE framework, .Net framework and Distributed Computing Applications

Teaching area

Web Application Development using .Net and J2EE technologies

Distributed Computing


Web Services


Department of Computing

College of Business, Technology and Engineering


Journal articles

Shadija, D., Rezai, M., & Hill, R. (2017). Towards an understanding of microservices. .

Hill, R., Shadija, D., & Rezai, M. (2017). Enabling Community Health Care with Microservices. .

Shadija, D., Rezai, M., & Hill, R. (2017). Microservices : granularity vs. performance. Companion Proceedings of the10th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing - UCC '17 Companion, 215-220.

Conference papers

Hill, R., & Shadija, D. (2011). Internationalising the Computing Curricula: A Peircian Approach. In Conceptual Structures for Discovering Knowledge, (pp. 406-413). Springer Berlin Heidelberg:

Hill, R., Polovina, S., & Shadija, D. (2006). Transaction agent modelling: from experts to concepts to multi-agent systems. Lecture notes in computer science, 4068, 247-259.

Book chapters

Shadija, D., & Hill, R. (2019). Internationalising the Postgraduate Curriculum: A Ten Year Case Study. In Transnational Higher Education in Computing Courses. (pp. 155-171). Springer International Publishing:

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