Helen Rodger

Helen Rodger

Senior Lecturer


Journal articles

Purvis, A., Rodger, H., & Beckingham, S. (2016). Engagement or distraction : the use of social media for learning in higher education. Student Engagement and Experience Journal, 5 (1). http://doi.org/10.7190/seej.v5.i1.104

Glover, I., Hepplestone, S., Parkin, H., Rodger, H., & Irwin, B. (2016). Pedagogy first: realising technology enhanced learning by focusing on teaching practice. British Journal Of Educational Technology, 47 (5), 993-1002. http://doi.org/10.1111/bjet.12425

Glover, I., Parkin, H., Hepplestone, S., Irwin, B., & Rodger, H. (2015). Making connections: technological interventions to support students in using, and tutors in creating, assessment feedback. Research in Learning Technology, 23 (1), 27078. http://doi.org/10.3402/rlt.v23.27078

Conference papers

Purvis, A., Rodger, H., & Beckingham, S. (2016). Experiences of social media in higher education: barriers, enablers and next steps. In Social Media for Learning in Higher Education 2015 Conference proceedings (#SocMedHE15). Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University: http://doi.org/10.7190/SocMedHE/2015/10

Book chapters

Glover, I., & Rodger, H. (2018). The Death of "Mobile Learning". In Crompton, H., & Traxler, J. (Eds.) Mobile learning and higher education: challenges in context. (pp. 82-91). New York: Routledge: http://doi.org/10.4324/9781315296739

Beckingham, S., Purvis, A., & Rodger, H. (2014). The SHU Social Media CoLab: developing a social media strategy through open dialogue and collaborative guidance. In Proceedings of the European Conference on Social Media. Sonning, Wokingham: Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited: http://academic-conferences.org/ecsm/ecsm2014/ecsm14-proceedings.htm

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