Anna Sidorovitch

Dr Anna Sidorovitch PhD, PGCert, CELTA, BA, DiP

Lecturer in TESOL Teacher Education


I joined SHU in 2012 and have been working across TESOL teacher education and academic literacy provisions contributing to all the programmes offered by the TESOL centre. I've led 6 MA TESOL modules on both face-to-face and distance learning courses, supervised over 50 MA dissertation students on a wide range of topics and co-supervised PhD students. My research interests lie in two main areas - TESOL and Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. In the TESOL domain I am particularly interested in L2 learner autonomy and motivation, ELT materials development and evaluation, and ELT methodologies. The second area of interest includes topics like integrative pedagogies in HE and student self- and peer assisted regulation.


I've worked as an educator in further and higher education for nearly 30 years. Prior to coming to SHU, I was Programme leader for an International MA in Education at Bedfordshire university, and before that worked as a research fellow and academic developer on HEFCE funded university wide pedagogical projects at Nottingham University Centre for Integrative Learning. I also taught ESOL and ESP in universities and colleges in eastern Europe and China.

My research interests are in the areas of

TESOL methodology

ELT materials development and evaluation

learner autonomy and motivation

global policy and practice issues in TESOL (a comparative perspective)

qualitative research design, methodology and methods


Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Teaching Experience


Teacher education (undergraduate/postgraduate courses); UES


20 years of teaching general English, ESP and EAP to college and university students and delivering teacher training programmes in China, Belarus and the UK.

Research Supervision Experience

PhD supervision - co-supervisor

MA dissertation supervision

Topics: learner autonomy, motivation, L1 use in an EFL classroom, ESOL teacher education

BA dissertation supervision (English for Law; Education)

TESOL Teacher Education

MA TESOL campus based MEd TESOL distance learning pre- and in-sessional EAP

Language Studies with TESOL ( MEd TESOL) - module leader Applied Linguistics (MEd TESOL) - module leader L2 materials development and evaluation (MA TESOL) - module leader Analysing Language (MA TESOL) - module leader Analysing Language (MEd TESOL) - module leader SLA (MEd TESOL) - module leader ELT methodologies (MA, Med TESOL) Developing as a language teacher (MA TESOL) Issues in TESOL (MA TESOL) Research project (MA, Med TESOL) Language awareness in TESOL (BA) Exploring Second Language Learning (BA) English for University a range of UES modules LAS ((academic)language additional support)


Self- and peer assisted regulation in language learning Looking at L2 learner perceptions and experiences of individual and collaborative autonomous learning; self- and co-regulatory learning strategies.

Self- and peer assisted regulation small scale project Integrative learning teaching and learning projects

Other activities


Postgraduate supervision

Areas I supervise include but not limited to: L2 learner autonomy and motivation, ELT materials development and evaluation ELT methodologies Integrative pedagogies in HE student self- and peer assisted regulation qualitative methodology comparative methodology case study methodology I have supervised over 50 MA dissertation on a wide range of TESOL and TEAP topics (eg ELT methodologies, L2 leaner autonomy and motivation; online TESOL learning and teaching; reflective practice; TESOL feedback and assessment; teacher beliefs and practices, etc) co-supervision of PhD students: Souad Hussain Hussein, S. (2018). Factors affecting the implementation of communicative language teaching in Libyan secondary schools. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Ridley, D. and Sidorovitch, A.

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