Linda van Gelder

Linda van Gelder

PhD Researcher


Linda is a PhD student in the Centre for Sports Engineering Research at Sheffield Hallam University, studying the effect of biofeedback in a yet to be specified patient group. Feedback will be given on gait parameters. Coming from the Netherlands, she moved to Sheffield in 2016. She did her undergraduate and Masters in Human Movement sciences at VU University Amsterdam. During and after her masters she contributed to two different research projects. Both projects were focussed on gait-retraining.


Journal articles

van Gelder, L., Barnes, A., Wheat, J., & Heller, B. (2018). The use of biofeedback for gait retraining: A mapping review. Clinical Biomechanics, 59, 159-166.

van Gelder, L.M.A., Barnes, A., Wheat, J., & Heller, B. (2018). Characterizing the learning effect in response to biofeedback aimed at reducing tibial acceleration during running. Proceedings, 2 (6), 200.

van Gelder, L., Booth, A.T.C., van de Port, I., Buizer, A.I., Harlaar, J., & van der Krogt, M.M. (2017). Real-time feedback to improve gait in children with cerebral palsy. Gait & posture, 52, 76-82.

Stins, J.F., van Gelder, L.M.A., Oudenhoven, L.M., & Beek, P.J. (2015). Biomechanical organization of gait initiation depends on the timing of affective processing. Gait & posture, 41 (1), 159-163.

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