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Joanna Rucklidge MA (RCA)

Senior Lecturer in Illustration & Graphic Design


I am a part-time Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication, teaching on both the Illustration and Graphic Design BA programmes.



I live and work in Sheffield as an artist, designer and educator. I have worked in art & design education for over 20 years, consistently interested by how pedagogical experiences relate to environmental awareness and behavior change. Within my own practice, I tackle issues around the visual identity of waste materials, the value of resources, whist aiming to promote waste minimisation & re-use. I studied BA Graphic Design at Glasgow School of Art and an MA in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art.  As an educator, I have written visual communication project briefs & workshops addressing consumer habits, sustainable lifestyles, nature connection, waste as a creative resource, litter picking, wastestreams, craftivism, food waste etc. I have highlighted the process, content and outputs of some of these projects in conferences and symposiums around the UK, and am currently co-writing a chapter in a book: Design Education in the Anthropocene part of the Design Research for Change Book Series published by Routledge. 

My own work draws attention to ‘rubbish’ - the resources lost and wasted through consumer habits. I work with found material and disposed of objects, using prints, drawing, collage, animation and sculpture to translate & create responses to the utilitarian and ubiquitous resources found in bins, skips and litter. I observe, explore, collect, process, disrupt and visually articulate responses to materials. I have produced work for exhibitions, installations, murals, screenings and festivals.   Collaboration is a frequent part of my methodology, working with colleagues, fellow artists and students. I even see the way I respond to pre-existing materials a form of provocation & response – a visible dialogue.



Art & Design


BA Illustration & BA Graphic Design




Rucklidge, J. (2016). Screwed. [Sculpture].

Noble, E., Judge, M., Wiggins, A., Whitehead, J., Neill, G., & Rucklidge, J. (2016). Womanhood.

Rucklidge, J., & Woodcock, F. (2015). Like-Letters. [blog].

Rucklidge, J. (2014). Going Round in Circles. [Mixed media].


Rucklidge, J. (2014). Shed-Collect-Shed : Coventry's Lost & Found. [Mixed Media]. Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry.

Rucklidge, J. (2016). Screwed. Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire.

Rucklidge, J., & Woodcock, F. (2016). Like-Letters Exhibition. Head Post Office Gallery, SIA, Sheffield.

Rucklidge, J., & Freeman, E. (2020). Ego to Eco: we are nature. Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery.

Rucklidge, J., Lee, J., & Hudson, F. (2018). Utter Rubbish: Conversations about Litter & Waste. Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery.

Rucklidge, J. (2018). Sense of Place. [Print]. White Room Gallery at Yellow Arch, Sheffield.

Rucklidge, J. (2018). Sense of Place. [Print]. White Room Gallery at Yellow Arch, Sheffield.


Rucklidge, J. (2021). How to become a better illustrator (and citizen): spend time in imaginary worlds, talk to yourself, stay away from people, commune with nature, draw about it. Presented at: Education and Illustration: Models Methods Paradigms, 11th Illustration Research Symposium, Kingston University

Rucklidge, J. (2018). Ego to Eco/A pedagogical case study: Imagining, Experiencing & Interpreting Nature. Presented at: Expanding Communities of Sustainable Practice: Leeds Arts University Symposium 2018, Leeds Arts University

Rucklidge, J. (2018). Imagining, Experiencing & Interpreting Nature. Presented at: Achieving a Transformative Student Centred Experience, Teaching & Learning Conference, Sheffield Hallam University

Rucklidge, J. (2017). What is our connection to nature? Imagine, experience & interpret nature brief. Presented at: The Graphic Design Educators’ Network 2017 conference: Ideas of Revolt, Sheffield Hallam University

Rucklidge, J. (2017). Imagine, Experience & Interpret Nature Project. Presented at: Nature Connections 2017 3rd Interdisciplinary Conference: Beyond Contact with Nature to Connection, University of Derby

Judge, M., Wiggins, A., & Rucklidge, J. (2016). She Art of Now – ‘Womanhood’ craft workshop. Presented at: She Art of Now – ‘Womanhood’ Craft Workshop part of SheFest, 35 Chapel Walk Gallery, 2016

Rucklidge, J. (2014). Printmaking with reclaimed materials. Presented at: Printmaking with Reclaimed materials, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, 2014

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