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Professor Emily Perry BSc, PGCE, MA, PhD, FRSC

Professor of Education


I am Deputy Head of the Centre for Development and Research in Education, and Head of the Funded Knowledge Exchange for Sheffield Institute of Education.

In addition, I am a member of the Association for Science Education, the International Professional Development Association, and a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. I also lead the Sheffield Institute of Education's Research-Engaged Practice Network.

I've worked in local, national and international contexts to manage, develop and assure the quality of large-scale teacher development programmes, with a particular focus on science teachers.

My background is as a chemistry teacher, and I've worked in secondary schools both in the UK and internationally. My research interests focus on professional development, especially for science teachers.


Following my first degree and PhD in Chemistry, I worked as a science teacher in secondary schools in the UK, Brazil and Hong Kong.

In my current role, I develop, deliver and evaluate projects focussed on science education and teacher development, including writing curriculum materials, facilitating and researching teacher professional learning.

I collaborate with partners including the Wellcome Trust, the Chartered College of Teaching, Teacher Development Trust, the Royal Society of Chemistry, Learn Sheffield and the Association for Science Education, and with colleagues from across the Sheffield Institute of Education. I have worked with teachers, governments and other education organisations in countries including Vietnam, Ghana and Thailand. I also lead Sheffield Institute of Education's Research-Engaged Practice Network.


I am module leader for Comparative Studies of Professional Practice, part of the full-time MA Education course.


Current projects include:

The Wellcome CPD Challenge (Wellcome Trust)

Wipro STEM Teacher Fellowship and Teacher Mentors Programmes (Wipro Limited)

Quality Assurance of Teacher Professional Development, in partnership with Chartered College of Teaching and Teacher Development Trust (Wellcome Trust and EEF)

Recent projects include:

Secondary Science Curriculum Review for the Ministry of Education, Philippines (British Council) 

STEM Curriculum Analysis and Engineering Curriculum Development for the Office of the Basic Education Commission, Thailand (British Council) 

Common Ground Curriculum for Science (International School of Brussels)

Ghana Science Research Centres (ITEC Global)

Regional Science Learning Centre Yorkshire and the Humber (, 2004-2013), and then Regional Coordinator of Science Learning Partnerships Derbyshire, Yorkshire and the Humber and the North East (STEM Learning Ltd)


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Journal articles

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Book chapters

Booth, J., Perry, E., & Boylan, M. (2019). Understanding teaching as a profession. In Scutt, C., & Harrison, S. (Eds.) Teacher CPD: International trends, opportunities and challenges. (pp. 35-41).

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Theses / Dissertations

Perry, E. (2014). An investigation into a programme of enquiry-based continuing professional development for professional development leaders. (Doctoral thesis).

Internet Publications

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Other activities

I sit on the board of trustees of a local multi-academy trust and am a school governor. I also represent Sheffield Institute of Education on UCET's CPD committee and am a member of the International Professional Development Association's England Committee.

Postgraduate supervision

I am currently supervising PhD and EdD students focussing on creativity in science education, teacher professional learning through Twitter, professional learning for interprofessional education, and the use of discussion in science teaching.

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