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Paulo Aleixo

Dr Paul Aleixo BSc, PhD, FHEA

Senior Lecturer In Psychology


  • About

    Since gaining my Doctoral Degree (Personality and Moral Reasoning in Young Offenders) in 1993, I have worked for several Universities including 14 years spent at De Montfort University in Leicester where I taught a variety of modules including Psychology & Education and Biopsychology. I joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2013.

    My main interests are focussed around applying Psychology to Educational settings. I am currently particularly interested in the use of comic books as an instructional tool in educational settings. To this end I have written a Biopsychology textbook in Comic book format aimed at Undergraduate students.

  • Teaching

    Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics

    Social Sciences and Arts

    I teach on a variety of Developmental Psychology modules at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. I am particularly interested in Moral Reasoning Development and applying Psychology to Educational settings. In addition I supervise Masters level projects in Developmental, Educational and Applied Psychology areas.

  • Publications

    Journal articles

    Machan, L., & Aleixo, P. (2016). E-readers as an alternative to coloured overlays for developmental dyslexia in adolescents. The Psychology of Education Review, 40 (2), 33-38.

    Aleixo, P., & Sumner, K. (2016). Memory for biopsychology material presented in comic book format. Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, 8 (1), 79-88.

    Aleixo, P., & Norris, C. (2010). The comic book textbook. Education and Health, 28 (4), 72-74.

    Aleixo, P.A., & Norris, C.E. (2009). Sports days, competition and self-esteem in primary schools. Education and Health, 27 (3), 78-80.

    Aleixo, P.A., & Norris, C.E. (2009). Moral reasoning development and classroom discipline. Education and Health, 27 (1), 9-12.

    Aleixo, P., & Norris, C. (2007). Comics, reading and primary aged children. Education and Health, 25 (4), 70-73.

    Norris, C.E., Colman, A.M., & Aleixo, P.A. (2003). Selective exposure to television programmes and advertising effectiveness. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 17 (5), 593-606.

    Aleixo, P.A., & Norris, C.E. (2000). Personality and moral reasoning in young offenders. Personality and Individual Differences, 28 (3), 609-623.

    Aleixo, P.A., Blud, L., & O'Keeffe, S. (1997). Ethnicity self-esteem and custodial adjustment in young offenders. Psychology, Crime and Law, 3 (4), 301-308.

    Aleixo, P.A. (1996). Response bias and lay conceptions of personality and moral reasoning in offenders. Legal and Criminological Psychology, 1 (2), 229-232.

  • Other activities

    I have consulted for Lincolnshire Social services and commercial organisations.

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