Associate Professor Robert Storrar

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Associate Professor Robert Storrar

Associate Professor of Glacial Geomorphology


Rob Storrar is an Associate Professor of Glacial Geomorphology. Rob is a glaciologist and glacial geomorphologist, specialising in modern and ancient glacial hydrology. Rob is also the Head of Research in the Department of the Natural and Built Environment.



Rob Storrar is an Associate Professor of Glacial Geomorphology. He a glaciologist and glacial geomorphologist working on glacial hydrology and the interactions between water and ice over a wide range of spatial (cm to 1000s km) and temporal (hours to millennia) scales. Rob applies a wide range of techniques to glacial environments around the world (and occasionally on Mars), from computer-based methods such as Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to field-based methods such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Rob is the Head of Research for the Department of the Natural and Built Environment.



Department of the Natural and Built Environment

College of Social Sciences and Arts

SHARDS: Subglacial Hydrology Analysis using Repeat Drone Surveys.
SLIDE: Subglacial Lakes at Isunguata Sermia - Dynamics and Evolution

Subject area

Geography, Environment and Planning

Courses taught

BSc Geography

I currently teach on the following modules

Glaciers and Glaciation, Iceland Field Trip, Past Environmental Change, Fluvial Geomorphology and Hydrology


I am interested in glaciers, and the landscapes they leave behind, at a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. My research focuses predominantly on understanding the dynamics and hydrology of glacial systems, from contemporary individual Icelandic glaciers to the ancient continental ice sheets of the late Quaternary. In particular I am interested in the fluctuations of large ice sheets over millennial timescales and what controls their dynamism, especially the importance of meltwater. Understanding ancient systems can be used to predict how modern ice sheets might respond to a changing climate. I employ a combination of remote sensing, GIS and fieldwork methods.

Current research projects

3-dimensional properties of eskers in Finland
Glacial geomorphology of the Ladakh area, Indian Himalayas
GPR investigation of esker sediments in Ireland and Svalbard
Ice flow dynamics of Breiðamerkurjökull, SE Iceland
Modelling subglacial meltwater flow at Breiðamerkurjökull, SE Iceland
Subglacial meltwater drainage in northern Canada


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Book chapters

Evans, D.J.A., Guðmundsson, S., & Storrar, R. (2018). Glacial landsystem development at Breiðamerkurjökull. In Glacial Landsystems of Southeast Iceland - Quaternary applications. QRA

Korteniemi, J., Russell, H.A.J., Sharpe, D.R., & Storrar, R. (2015). Esker. In Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms. Springer

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